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This curriculum is from the current college catalog and is meant to provide prospective students an example of courses taken in this degree/certificate. It is not intended to be used for graduation requirements. Students should consult an advisor for graduation information.

CERT.EPI - 21 Credit Hours

The Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) offers a certificate program that will allow previous college graduates with baccalaureate degrees an alternative avenue to begin teaching in Florida Schools.

Graduates of the certificate program will be:
1. Granted an Alternative Preparation Certificate
2. Qualified to take the Professional Education Competency Exam
3. Further prepared to become K-12 teachers in Florida

Certification reflecting completion of the EPI may be earned by completing 21 credit hours in the following courses and completing all necessary application, and program requirements:

  • EPI 0001 Classroom Management 3
  • EPI 0002 Instructional Strategies 3
  • EPI 0003 Technology 3
  • EPI 0004 The Teaching and Learning Process 3
  • EPI 0010 Foundations of Research-Based Practices in Reading 3
  • EPI 0020 Professional Foundations (concurrent registration with EPI 0940) 2
  • EPI 0030 Diversity(concurrent registration with EPI 0945) 2
  • EPI 0940 Field Experience 1
  • EPI 0945 Field Experience 1 

Note: A grade of "C" or better must be attained for each course completed for this certificate.

Note: This program is Financial Aid Eligible.

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