Hillsborough Community College Black Brown and College Bound

2014 Presentations

Changing the Face of STEM... One Student at a Time - Al-Aakhir A. Rogers, Ph.D. and Regina Easley, Ph.D.

Elevating the Game: Increasing the Visibility of Male Students of Color on Campus Using High Impact Practices - Dr. Tami "Sunnie" Foy

Elevating the Warrior Spirit in Black Males - Kevin Washington, Ph.D.

"Hip-Hop..."  Administrators and faculty can look towards "Hip-Hop" when communicating with minority students - Rodrigo Davis

Manifest Your Destiny: Defining & Achieving Your Success as a Man - Eric D. Williams

Mentoring Male and Minority Prospective Teachers - Dr. John I. Liontas, Mrs. Annissa Wilfalk, Dr. E. Nathan Thomas, Dr. Sonia Colomer &
Dr. Tom D. Freijo

One is Too Small a Number for Greatness - Building a Mentorship Program - Odell Bizzell & Vincent K. Harris