2017 Summit Speakers

Charles Coleman

Charles F. Coleman, Jr. ESQ.

Charles F. Coleman Jr. is a seasoned civil rights attorney and legal analyst who has quickly emerged as one of the newest and strongest voices in the conversation on race, law, culture, politics, and civil rights.

As a former Brooklyn, NY prosecutor turned civil litigator Charles has extensive experience as a trial lawyer and his courtroom acumen is matched only by his leadership abilities, which he displays through his community mobilization and civic activism efforts. Full bio...

Luis Ponjuan

Dr. Luis Ponjuan

Dr. Luis Ponjuan is an Associate Professor in Higher Education Administration in the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development at Texas A&M University.

His research focuses on male students of color academic success and college degree completion, first-generation students’ access into higher education, and the recruitment and retention of faculty members of color.  Full bio...