Hillsborough Community College Black Brown and College Bound

 The Story Behind the BBCB Logo

 BBCB Logo 62510

Each year the Black, Brown & College Bound Steering Committee has developed a theme and logo for the annual Summit. Last year Oscar Benavides, a student at  Hillsborough Community College, joined our Steering Committee. He added a unique dimension and insight that was greatly valued by the members of the committee. In addition, through his artistic ability and passion for the project he created the “You Tube” presentation that was shown at the Summit.

Oscar Benavides also was a member of the student panel for the Fourth Annual BBCB Summit in 2010. He graduated with an Associate in Arts degree in May 2010. He is currently a transfer student at the University of South Florida, Tampa and plans to attend law school upon graduation.  Oscar’s legacy for the Summit was the development of the logo shown on the left. 

The Black, Brown & College Bound Summit Steering Committee has selected Oscar's concept as the signature logo for all its publications and programs.