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Current News


Wow! What a year!  Images Images

I for one am glad for a break.  I think we all needed it.  This next semester will no doubt be busy.  We are looking forward to adding several new vendors to the sales list and will be moving more fish out the door than before thanks to Scott Grebe at Treasure Coast Tropicals, the fine folks at Creature Castle in Brandon and others.  We appreciate the help. 

It was also a year of repair.  We lost one circulation pump, one UV light, and a air fan for the greenhouse. (All in the same month. Ouch!)  We are getting back on line and will be back in the comfort zone this spring if all goes as planned.   

See you in the Spring. 

                                                                  ---doc K



Check out Rich G. at the FWCC Stock Enhancement Research Facility.  He did some great work while he was there interning recently.  Way to go Rich!




HCC Fishheads visit Global Pet Expo in Orlando  puffer fish at MOTE marine

HCC Aquaculture traveled to this year's GPE in Orlando.  Good times were had by all who attended.  We wish to thank Orlando Discus for providing complimentary admission to the event! 


HCC Aqua/WAS 2010

                                                                                                                 Special photo credit: Andrew DroplaGoznalo at San Diego


They say that travel is good for enlightenment, education and edifying the soul.  To that point HCC Aquaculture took a break from an intense semester to travel westward to the World Aquaculture Society's Annual meeting.  While at WAS 2010 several students had the opportunity to interact with the leading aquaculture scientists and producers in the world.  Although overwhelming at first, they really integrated themselves into the exprerience well and represented the College in a professional manner.  Several students were offered job opportunities at the event.  Time will tell if they will cash in!  Adam actually DID cash in...or out as the case may be.  He worked at the event as security and traffic control.

We are looking forward to taking even more students to the next domestic meeting in New Orleans.  Maybe we can hang out with Drew during the breaks?




Gonzalo finally found his true tallent.  Whale watching!  Special thanks to the San Diego







New year...new challenges!

Well, that was fast!  Holidays are over! Spring semester has started and we didn't even miss a beat.  (Dr. K even moved from one office to a new one.  Now nobody knows where he is!  BTW: It's BSCI 107B) Anyway, things are moving along at a fast pace this new year.  We've continued to have success with the Discus and Malawi sales will begin shortly.  Two nutrition trials will be in full swing this spring thanks to the folks at Tropicana.  This will be something new for the "fishheads" at HCC but we believe we are ready for the challenge.   Should be interesting to see the results. group seine TAL

On another note the Aquaculture Club at HCC Brandon is back in action.  The club was officially recognized by the HCC Student Government Association last week and is already looking forward to several outings and charity-related activities.  So far nearly 20 students have expressed interest in joining, or have already signed up.  We are planning a trip the Global Pet Expo (Orlando) during the month of March as one of our first group efforts.  Check back hear to see how we did...later!

                                                                                                                                                  --The Fishheads

Dan, Ed, Maryellen and Gonzalo seine for Meekies at the Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory.


Merry Christmas Happy New Year from HCC Aquaculture!

We all look forward to the holidays and most even manage to get some time off from work/school to visit with family and friends.  Unless of course, you raise fish (or dairy cows)!  Actually, it hasn't been that bad this year.  We have been fortunate to have several students who have been working during the "off-season" in order to feed fish and do the day-to-day.  On another positive note, we were finally able to figure out our Discus spawning, or they figured it out (not sure which at this point) and now we have several batches of rapidly-growing fry. 

Lots to do this Spring.  See you then!

                                                                                                                          --doc K


What a summer!!!  


Hello from the Fishheads of HCC:

Happy Halloween all.  We spent the better part of the late summer getting in our broodfish (Discus) and focusing on increasing our Malawi brood fish condition.  The majority of the new group are spawning every 7 days now.  This will likley change as the winter approaches and daylight decreases, but hey, it's all good!  Discus are spawning every week as well, but haven't figured out quite how to raise fry on their own yet.  It has been quite a learning experience for all involved as we try to make them more comfortable and nurture them along. 

Along with that news, Dr. Kasper presented his results of the Task Force meeting to President Stephenson's Cabinet in September, with excellent results and fresh direction for the program.  Oh, ya, we'll all be working doubles the next few weeks (thanks for that Dr. K.)                                                                                                                                                                          --the Fishheads  Aquastudents FALL 2009 2 (full group)

Fishheads Fall 2009 (left to right): Amanda, Bill, Adam, Alex, Dan, Rich, Doc K, Mike, Robert, Maryellen, Joe; (seated) Danielle, Gonzalo                  

Not pictured because he's got the lens: Ryan...don't worry, we got one of him further down! 








Aquastudents FALL 2009


Note from Doc K: We would ALL like to express special thanks to the Program Review Task Force, Dr. Nagy's office(Julie Redcay can be my lawyer ANYTIME because she rocks!!), Dean Peacock, as well as President Stephenson and her Cabinet for all the hard work, guidance and suggestions through the process.






Work still continues as we train more students!

Aquacutlure Greenhouse Summer 2009

Several hundred man-hours later....

Greenhouse Spring 2009 1 

 4-20-2009  Wow!!  It has been an incredible semester!  I apologize to those who visit this site on occasion.  I've just been way to swamped with work and paying attention to my students and their amazing success.  I think we are all pleased.  As you can see, we have been busy.  After successful partnership with the University of Florida and a mighty bit of fine work by Dr. Cortney Oh's, myself and others, we were able to secure funding to finish the greenhouse at Ruskin.  Students worked long, hard hours to build 3 new systems for raising fish.  Good job guys!  With all the new installs, we will be capable of providing enhanced hands-on experience for those interested in designing, building and operating a recirculating aquaculture system.

We also sold enough fish this year to fund several projects, obtain some equipment and prove to ourselves we could do it!  Again, thanks to those involved in husbandry, marketing and sales!

With the help of several great folks, we've entered the world of aquaculture research again.  (I am personally stoked about this!!) Current projects include evaluation of novel feed ingredients for aquaculture species as well as improvement of growth and maintenance diets for high-end cichlids.

 We're looking forward to the future and thankful to everyone involved with the program in the past.   


                                                                                                                                     doc K


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