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Course Description:

This course expands on topics introduced in Introduction to Biotechnology, focusing on recombinant DNA and RNA technology and genetic engineering. The course will present the basics of genomics and proteomics with DNA protein structure function. There will be a strong emphasis on biomedical biotechnology including the human genome, pharmacogenomics, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, cloning and stem cell applications and implications. Practical applications of biotechnology will be explored.   

Course Outcomes:

  1. Explain basic genetics and the concepts of Genomics including DNA, RNA, Genes and chromosomes.
  2. Describe how agarose gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme mapping, and DNA sequencing can be used to study gene structure.
  3. Describe the structure, function, expression and purification of protein and the employment of proteomics in biotechnology.
  4. Interpret the importance of microorganisms in the context of industrial microbiology, recombinant DNA technology, and food biotechnology.
  5. Explain the use of DNA profiling in medical biotechnology.
  6. Describe the impact of biotechnology in environmental, plant, and agricultural industry.
  7. Explain the use of DNA micro array analysis for genome studies.
  8. Discuss animal cloning, transgenic animals, and the ethical concerns about using animals in research.
  9. Discuss nanomedicine, gene therapy and regenerative medicine, cell and tissue transplantation, and pharmacogenomics for personalized medicine.
  10. Outline the basic concepts of stem cell research and their application in therapeutic and reproductive cloning.
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