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Course Description:

This course will provide a relatively in-depth exploration of modern biotechnology as required for the study, development, and application of genetic engineering and biomedical biotechnology. There will be emphasis on pharmacogenomics, stem cell technology, and immunobiology. The practical applications of forensics, bioremediation, and medical, animal, plant biotechnology will be examined. 

Course Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrates how the concepts of molecular biology are relevant to modern biotechnology.
  2. Describe the structure of DNA, RNA, genes, bacterial transposons and their employment in biotechnology.
  3. Summarize the concepts of cellular apoptosis, oncogenes, tumor, tumor suppressor genes, and applications of Biotechnology in cancer prevention and treatment.
  4. Analyze the significance of stem cell research and technology of embryonic and adult stem cells.
  5. Outline the importance of mammalian and plant cell culture, and identify the factors affecting the growth of cells in tissue culture.
  6. Explain the concepts of Immunobiology with emphasis on monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, use of in vivo and in vitro recombinant and monoclonal antibodies, cell mediated immunity, cytokines, and interferons.
  7. Illustrate the main implication and application of Recombinant DNA vaccines and the importance of Vaccines.
  8. Deliberate on gene therapy from the focus of a biotechnologist.
  9. Identify the emerging role of Biotechnology to Forensic sciences, bioremediation, and medical, animal, plant biotechnology will be examined.
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