Center for International Education Transfers

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Our international students are admitted to colleges and universities around the country. Here is what they are saying about their experience at HCC and how it prepared them for their university transfer:

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Ismail Elaboudi


Transferred to: University of FloridaMajor: Architecture

"My experience at HCC prepared me well for the higher division classes at the university.The small class sizes and individual attention from the professors make learning much easier, and HCC also offers tutoring in most of the subjects. Also, there are more than 30 different student clubs that you can enjoy and learn from."

Oluwatosin Fayinminu


Transferred to: Lycoming CollegeMajor: Liberal Arts

"HCC served as a really good foundation for my bachelor’s degree. I really loved the small classes because they gave me the opportunity to be more hands-on with my education."

Skylar Heo

South Korea

Transferred to: University of South CarolinaMajor: International Business

"Participating in HCC’s Honors Program has greatly enriched my overall experience at the College. The program provided me with many opportunities to challenge myself intellectually and reach my full academic and personal potential. Especially, I loved contributing to the HCC community in leadership roles, such as an International Student Ambassador and a student government senator. I feel that HCC prepared me well for the next step in my educational journey."

Rebecca Langley Jensen


Transferred to: American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, CaliforniaMajor: Dramatic Arts

"Studying Dramatic Arts at HCC gave me the opportunity to experience living in a completely different country, while igniting my passion for acting! I have accomplished so much on my own. I had a ton of fun in my acting classes at HCC, and I even performed for a live audience - with great success! The beauty of HCC is that anyone from anywhere can come and feel free. It is a community where you can grow as person, alongside your friends. I met so many people, from all around the world, and I learned so much from them. I found great solidarity in HCC’s international student groups, and made so many friends. I cannot wait to share my story with the world! So far, it has already been a thrilling experience… And my adventure continues!”

Guilherme Lasmar Negrao


Transferred to: University of FloridaMajor: International Business

"HCC is a great first step you can take to achieve a good higher education. The in-class experience is amazing, and the professors see you as an individual. HCC offers a lot of extracurricular opportunities that I have not even heard of before coming here, like being a senator for the student government, working for the Center for International Education, and being part of clubs. There literally is something for everyone."

Kenneth Lee

Hong Kong

Transferred to: Michigan State UniversityMajor: Hospitality Administration Management

"Attending Hillsborough Community College is truly a blessing for me. The fabulous weather, the large variety of club activities and cultural diversity provide a perfect study environment. Studying here has pushed me forward to achieve more and to get connected. Also, working as international ambassador is by far my best experience. Through working as an ambassador, I have gotten to know more people’s stories and cultural backgrounds; and there is no better experience than this. I have had a lot of opportunities to attend conferences and travel around the U.S. Moreover, I believe Hillsborough Community College helped me in becoming a better person. With more involvement on campus, I have become more outgoing and more confident towards everything in my life. And the best thing I like about HCC is: you can always find help from all kinds of sources, and you will never be alone. Coming to HCC has been a game changer, and there is no better starting point than HCC. You can achieve anything from here! With this kind of support from HCC, I was able to earn a high GPA and was well prepared to transfer to Michigan State University."

James Perot

Trinidad and Tobago

Transferred to: University of TampaMajor: Business Administration

"HCC successfully prepared me for the future. I was successfully admitted into the University of Tampa after my two years attending HCC. I also enjoyed my time playing intramural soccer and playing for the HCC's soccer club."

Erik Pulido


Transferred to: Georgia Institute of TechnologyMajor: Engineering

"Going to HCC was one of the best choices. I enjoyed every single moment, especially with the wonderful people that I met on campus. The in-class experience was helpful, HCC accounts for a personalized relationship between students and professors. I enjoyed learning at HCC and also I reached one of my most desired dreams by becoming a student of a very prestigious university like Georgia Tech. I will always remember HCC and the lovely city of Tampa. The weather, people, HCC and so many things from this city that makes it special. Begin at HCC and go anywhere!"

Amal Qaadoun


Transferred to: California State University, Los AngelesMajor: Psychology

"Coming to HCC was awesome from the start! Everything was new and exciting... the people, their way of life, the city of Tampa, and living on campus! It's been the best experience... an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life!"