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Meeting Times

Meetings are coordinated by members.  Meetings might be traditional face to face between members of the specific FIG and the FIG's participants.  Depending upon the meeting facilitator a meeting might be conducted virtually via other communication technologies, such as conference calls, skype or videoconferencing.   The type of meetings involved, as well as their frequency will vary from FIG to FIG, depending upon the group membership of the FIG.

How can I join?

Figs have two levels of participation: guest participant or member.

FIG is an open-access forum. Faculty members may participate without joining. Whether you are interested to just being a guest participant or want join a FIG, you must contact  the FIG facilitator. They will provide you with access.

What kind of commitment do I have to make? 

While all FIG members are busy, we recognize the time contraints that all faculty members have here at HCC.  There is no specific time commitment.  It is our hope that you will find a FIG that you have a vested interested in, and contribute to the FIG in a meaningful manner. 

What if I want to start a FIG?

Whatever your specialty, feel free to contact CITT with ideas for new and innovative FIG ideas!

FIGS belong to the HCC faculty members. We look forward to hearing from you!!