Academic Policies

Academic Year

HCC’s academic year consists of the Fall, Spring, Summer I, and Summer II terms.

Application for Degree

You must apply for a degree in the campus advising office upon nearing graduation (40 to 45 completed college level credit hours) and prior to the deadline published in the current catalog.  You may apply on-line using HawkNet WebAdvisor. 


You are required to attend class regularly and punctually. If you miss classes, regardless of the cause, your opportunities for learning and academic success will be adversely affected.

The syllabus for each course contains your instructor’s attendance and grading requirements. It is your responsibility to read the syllabus, comply with your instructor’s policies, and arrange to make up work you miss because you are absent or late.

Instructors will keep attendance records in official HCC grade books.

If you stop attending class, you will be assigned a letter grade unless you complete and submit a withdrawal form by the deadline published in the current catalog and credit course schedule.

Dean’s List

To earn placement on the Dean’s List, you must earn a 3.5 or higher term GPA for 12 or more hours in the Fall or Spring terms.


Students who graduate with the specified cumulative grade point averages will be recognized as distinguished graduates.

Degree Grade Point Average
3.50 - 3.79............Honors
3.80 - 3.99............High Honors
4.00...................Highest Honors

An honors statement will be placed on the transcripts of honor graduates.

Language Requirement

For undergraduate admission to a state university, you must have earned two credits of sequential foreign language at the secondary level. If you did not satisfy this requirement in high school, you must successfully complete 8 to 10 semester hours of one foreign language at the college level.

Two years of American Sign Language at the secondary level or 8 to 10 credits at the post-secondary level also satisfy the language admission requirement.

NOTE: Students who received an Associate in Arts degree prior to September 1, 1989 are exempt from the language requirement.

If you plan to pursue a post-secondary education, you should complete the foreign language requirement in high school. (Ask a counselor or an advisor for additional information about the foreign language admission requirement and the specific requirements of the university to which you intend to transfer.)

Transcript Request

You may request that your HCC transcripts be sent to another organization or individual by submitting a written request to any campus Admissions, Registration and Records office or by ordering via HawkNet WebAdvisor.

Your request should include your full name, student ID number and the name and address of the institution or party to whom the transcript is to be sent. If your name has changed since your last period of enrollment, you should provide both your present and former names. The College will try to respond to transcript requests within  10 business days.

NOTE: The College will not provide transcripts if you have an outstanding financial obligation to HCC.