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Faculty:  Wendy Foley, Brandon Campus Librarian
Proposed Course Title:  Introduction to Internet Research
Course Description:  is a one-credit hour online course. The course focuses on methods of accessing information resources available through the Internet. Students will learn how to design effective search strategies, retrieve, evaluate, and cite Internet resources.  (See additional page.)
Course will be offered during  xx_Fall _xx Spring _xx Summer
(Note that this is a one-credit hour course that must meet for 15 contact hours.)
Days and Times:  online course
Dates:  full fall and spring terms; 6-week summer term


General Education Outcome Statements - Check a minimum of three that will be addressed in your course. Students will be able to demonstrate their:


Ability to think critically­.

Ability to express themselves clearly in written and oral communication.

Ability to express themselves effectively in quantitative termsUnderstanding of and appreciation for the value and significance of culture.                           

Scientific method of inquiry and the historical and contemporary impact of science on dailv life.

Understanding of global, political, social, economic, and historical perspectives.

Ability to use technology to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information.



Cluster Outcome Statements - Check all applicable cluster outcomes that will provide the framework for your section:
Cluster l English l Communications
  xx Communicate in standard American English in speech and writing
  xx Think critically showing original thought
  xx Synthesize and integrate information
  xx Read critically
  xx Organize a task and follow through to completion
  xx Research
  xx Apply the precepts of logic
  Attend, participate in, and contribute to group sessions


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