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CROP Student Code of Conduct

In an effort to provide a safe learning environment, the Hillsborough Community College, College Reach-Out Program expects CIVILITY from all who participate in the CROP program. Mutual respect, professionalism and common courtesy are essential qualities that ALL students, staff and teachers need to demonstrate in promoting an educational environment free of disruptions, harassment, bullying and aggressive actions.


Be on time daily to program and to class
  • Summer Academic Enrichment Program begins at 9:00 AM and concludes at 2:00 PM

Be Responsible
  • For oneself
  • Ones books, materials and supplies
  • For the completion of assigned class-work and homework
  • For the quality of ones work
  • Be prepared each and every-day

Be Respectful
  • To others
  • To one-self
  • To campus property (no vandalizing or defacing property) (immediate dismissal)
  • No using loud offensive language or profanity (at any time)
  • Any behavior deemed disrespectful to others (immediate disciplinary action)

Participate, Cooperate, Behave Be safe or Be Gone,
  • No running on campus
  • No fighting (immediate dismissal)
  • No Yelling on campus
  • Appropriate attire at all times (too revealing, too suggestive, displaying inappropriate messages

Don’t be disruptive
  • Any behavior which interferes with or threatens to interfere with CROP activities
  • No Public Display of Affection (PDA)
  • No wrestling or playing in bathrooms
  • No unauthorized leaving campus (immediate dismissal)
  • No skipping or cutting class (immediate dismissal)
  • No stealing from others or campus facilities (immediate dismissal)

Violations of the above mentioned expectations can and will have the following consequences:
  • First Offense – Verbal Warning (depending on severity)
  • Second Offense – Parent Conference/Intervention (depending on severity)
  • Third Offense – Suspension/Dismissal from program (depending of severity)