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Q:Do I have to pay my ticket?
A:Yes, within 30 days of the citation date whether school is elected or not.

Q:How are the points withheld?
A:By signing an Affidavit form at the SAME TIME the ticket payment is made.

Q:What is an Affidavit?
A:An Affidavit is a special form that that may or may not have been given to you by the law enforcement officer at the same time as the citation.

Q:Where do I get an Affidavit?
A:From the county where the citation was issued.

Q:How often can I sign an Affidavit as an option for withholding of points?
A:Once every 12 months. The 12 months time is counted from the date of Affidavit signature.

Q:How long do I have to take the Driver Improvement class?
A:The deadline is counted either from date of citation or from date of affidavit.

Q:Do I get my certificate at the end of the class?
A:Yes, the certificate is awarded at the end of the class upon successful completion.

Q:How does my timeframe and deadline with the county work?
A:By the deadline day, the county must have in their office the actual, ORIGINAL Course completion certificate turned in from you.

Q:What if I am past my deadline with the county?
A:Taking the Driver Improvement class will no longer be accepted by the county
for withholding of points, and you must pay back the monetary deduction of the citation fine. Contact the county where the ticket was issued immediately.

Q:What if I have questions about citation payments or Affidavits?