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Course Descriptions

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Professional Foundations

This course is designed to familiarize the pre-service teacher to the profession.  Through workshops which represent real-world ethical and legal issues facing the professional teacher, readings, live and online discussion, and formal and personal writing, candidates will develop knowledge and strategies to think and perform, within the scope of laws and ethics governing schools.






Classroom Management

This course is designed to present teacher candidates with a vision for classroom management.  Using best practice and Sunshine State Standards participants will develop strategies for classroom management, school safety, record keeping, informal and formal assessments based on federal and state guidelines, parent conferences, professional ethics, school law and implications for teachers and the art of balancing this new paradigm.






Instructional Strategies

This course introduces the “best practices” for teaching and learning.  Students will actively participate in planning and teaching using a variety of instructional strategies.  Application and modeling in an interactive format will accommodate the learning styles of each participant.







This course will focus on learning how to best utilize technology to develop or enhance standards-based lessons.  Students will learn to use hardware and software tools to create effective materials aligned to the student’s curriculum needs.  This course is intended for beginning educators who are learning how to incorporate electronic technologies in their curriculum,. This will occur through demonstration, hand-on instruction, and pedagogical discussions.  Students should already know the basics of word processing, email use, PowerPoint and navigating the web.  At the end of this course, students will increase their overall awareness of the features and functionality of various software and hardware which can be effectively integrated into the standards-based curriculum.



Course Prefix Course Title Course Description Hours



Teaching and Learning Process

This course in designed to familiarize the pre-service teacher with various learning theories and stages of development as they relate to the teaching and learning process.  Participants will learn how to interpret and use standardized test results, develop strategies to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities and second language learners, learn ways to develop critical thinking skills in students and identify the multiple intelligences and how to incorporate them into classroom lessons.  In addition, participants will understand how motivation, persistence and intelligence contribute to the learning process.







This course provides participants with an understanding of the variety of backgrounds, abilities and cultures that may be found in a typical classroom.  Field experiences give a broader view of the social aspects of diversity and encourage evaluation of personal beliefs and prejudices that may adversely affect the teaching and learning process.




Researched-Based Practices in Reading

This course teaches language structure and function and cognition of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  This instruction is grounded in scientifically-based research.




Field Experience

The purpose of the field experience is to provide a meaningful

active teaching experience in the classroom.  The EPI Field Experience meets the requirements of a teaching internship and/or teaching experience.