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         College Credit Certificate:

         EMS Associate Degree: 



College Credit Certificate

(42 Credit Hours)

In addition to performing the skills of an EMT, paramedics are trained in advanced life support techniques, including endotracheal intubation, electrocardiogram monitoring and interpretation, DC electrical countershock and administration of intravenous fluids and medications.

The program is offered on different schedules with multiple admission dates per year. Classes are schedules to accommodate the 24 on/48 off schedule (lasting approx. 11 months) and we have a fixed Monday & Wednesday schedule in the Fall semester.

The course is a program of classroom lectures, practical skills, laboratory simulations, and actual patient clinical experiences lasting approximately one year (three semesters). Paramedic training is provided both at the college credit certificate and the Associate in Science Degree levels to accommodate future goals.

Class work includes the courses required by the United States Department of Transportation as well as ACLS and PALS courses.

The paramedic program is fully accredited by state and national agencies.


Entrance Requirements

1) be at least 18 years of age
2) possess current CPR for healthcare workers certification
3) have a Florida EMT certification
4) a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0
5) attain required CPT scores in college course work (above the first level of prep course work in reading, writing, and math) or higher level English or math coursework.
6) be free from physical or mental defects or disease which might impair his/her ability to function as an paramedic
7) be free from addiction to narcotics or any controlled substance.
8) submit a completed Paramedic Program Application by the admissions deadline date.


EMS 2621 Phase I
EMS 2621L Phase I Lab
EMS 2622 Phase II
EMS 2622L Phase II Lab
EMS 2623 Phase III
EMS 2623L Phase III Lab
EMS 2666 Clinical I
EMS 2667 Clinical II
EMS 2668 Clinical III
EMS 2617L Assessment and Management Proficiency Exam

Core Concepts

The following is a brief outline of topics covered in the course:

Roles and responsibilities of the Paramedic
Medical, legal, and ethical issues
Advanced patient assessment
Advanced airway techniques
Treatment of trauma and medical emergencies
Electrocardiogram (3 and 12 lead)
DC electrical countershock
External cardiac pacing
Administration of IV fluids and medications
Other ALS procedures as determined by the Medical Director


EMS Associate Degree

(73 Credit Hours)

This program provides paramedics with an opportunity to further their education by earning an Associate in Science degree. Students can specialize in one of three areas: education, management, or technology. Students must first be accepted into the paramedic program or be a certified or a certification eligible paramedic to enroll in this program.

Completion of EMT 11 credits

Completion of Paramedic Core 42 credits

Completion of General Education 20 credits

Total 73 credits


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