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Orientation Step 2


Test your computer software compatibility


Our unique program utilizes many technologies to deliver program and course information. It is imperative that all students have the tools they need to successfully complete the objectives of their courses and the Opticianry Program.

This area of the HCC Opticianry Online Orientation allows you to test the various technologies we use to deliver program and course information to our students. These tests are as follows:

• Browser Test (IE, Firefox, Safari)
• Download Test (Word, PDF, PowerPoint)
• Video Test (Camtasia, Windows Media)

Browser Test (IE, Firefox, Safari)


Our courses are delivered online by the Learning Management System (LMS) BlackBoard. At this time the HCC Opticianry Program Online Courses are not compatible with MAC OS. Those Students using MACs must install WINDOWS for MAC. Students who have used WINDOWS for MAC report little trouble with compatibility issues.

Some browsers do not support BlackBoard functions. Be sure your browser/ internet provider are compatible with BlackBoard as this is the software used by the HCC Opticianry Program to deliver course content.

High Speed connections to the internet are recommended- but not required.

Download Test (Word, PDF, PowerPoint)

The HCC Opticianry Program delivers course content in a number of ways. WORD and PDF documents are very common file types uploaded to the Opticianry Course Content Areas.

Many Instructors also deliver course information by slide presentations using PowerPoint. Be sure you are able to open these various file types.

Should any of the above file NOT open for you- download and install the appropriate software to you computer.

WORD Viewer
Download WORD Viewer

PDF Reader
Download PDF Reader

PPT Viewer
Download PPT Viewer

Video Test (Camtasia, Windows Media)
Your HCC Opticianry Program Instructors have prepared instructional videos for your online courses. These videos are delivered in a number of formats. The most common video formats used at this time are Windows Media Player. Some videos (such as those presented in this Online Orientation) use CAMTASIA software.

Be sure your computer is compatible with these video formats.

Should any of the above Videos NOT open for you- download and install the appropriate software to you computer.

Camtasia FLASH Player - Installing the most recent FLASH Player solves most Camtasia Video problems.
Download FLASH Player

Windows MEDIA Player - Installing Media Player solves most Windows Media Video problems.
Download Windows MEDIA Player

This concludes the testing of your computer software compatibility. Once you have completed all of the technology tests and repaired all technical issues, continue into the HCC Opticianry Online Orientation (Pts. 2 through 6).


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