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HCC Opticianry Online Orientation

 Part 2 - HCC Website/ Hawknet Webadvisor


Knowing where to obtain necessary information about your courses and program is only part of the equation. Once this information is gathered it is necessary to put it to use. Being a Student of Hillsborough Community College requires you to be proactive in your progression through your program of study.

HCC provides a comprehensive website for Students to manage their records, registration and other documents and accounts. Students manage their personal records through HAWKNET-WebAdvisor.

HAWKNET allows students to access information regarding:

• User Accounts
• Financial Information
• Financial Aid
• Registration
• Academic Profile
• Communication

All attempts are made to keep this area of the HCC Website current. The HCC Hawknet Website is not managed by the HCC Opticianry Program. Corrections to any discrepancies on your account and records within Hawknet are the responsibility of the Student and the HCC Admissions and Records Department.


Link to:

You may open the HCC Website in another browser window to follow along with the instructional video or you may watch the video first and explore the HCC Website afterward.
HCC Website: www.hccfl.edu


The following video shows students how to log into the HCC Hawknet-Webadvisor webpage. This video is a general overview of the components of the website. Detailed instructions on the uses of the more commonly used components are presented in videos later in this orientation.

Hawknet - Webadvisor Overview Video (5:16 mins)


If you find that you have a discrepency on your record, have a hold on your account or you have the need to update or edit your Student record or information- you must contact the HCC Office of Admissions, Records and Registration (AR&R).

The HCC Opticianry Program assists Students in their admission to HCC and enrollment into the HCC Opticianry Program. However, we are not authorized to edit or update a Student’s record in regard to any admissions, registration, financial-aid or transcript issues.

Only HCC AR&R can access student records. The HCC Opticianry Program can not access or alter student records. HCC AR&R can only access, edit and/ or update a student's record with the permission of the student.

Students must contact HCC directly through HCC Live Support for the following issues:·        

  • Application Status/ Update/ Edit·        
  • Record and Document Updates/ Edits including: Transcripts – High School and College (Receipt, Evaluation, Status)
  • Registration Holds
  • Change of Name, Address, Degree Code  
  • Residency Classification


When you submit your HCC Live Support Ticket:

  • State your FULL NAME, STUDENT ID# (or SS#), and that you are an HCC Opticianry Program Student.
  • Explain specifically and in detail exactly what your admissions and/or registration issue is.
    • (EX: "Not eligible to register at this time" Error Message/ "Invalid Hawknet Log-in Password"/or "Out of State Residency Change"/ Transcript Status, etc.) 

After your ticket is submitted PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:

  • Copy the information you submitted to HCC Live Support
  • Make note of the Ticket# and date/ time submitted
  • Email both the Ticket Information, the ticket# and date/ time created to Bill Underwood to the following email addresses:   bunderwood@hccfl.edu

Forward to Bill Underwood:

  • Any responses you receive
  • Any response that does not address your issue
  • If you receive NO response within 72 hours contact Bill Underwood through the email above

**If you have not done so already please follow the instructions below to set up your technical support profile and your username and password for HCC systems:

Click HERE to Download and Print the instructions to contact HCC

Click HERE to Download and Print the instructions to set up your HCC Username and Password

Admissions and Records does NOT handle and is not responsible for Online@HCC/ BlackBoard log in issues. Please see the Online@HCC support information in the Online@HCC area of the website.


This concludes Pt. 2. Once you have completed Pt. 2 you may continue into Pt. 3 of the HCC Opticianry Online Orientation.


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