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HCC Opticianry Online Orientation


         Part 5 - Application Process


We are now accepting applications for the FALL Semester (August) 


Students applying to the HCC Opticianry Program must do so under the requirements presented by the official college catalog.

From the College Catalog: Students are responsible to be aware of college policies as they relate to Admissions Requirements, Fees and Financial Information, Academic Policies, Student Services and Activities and Student Policies.

From the Advising Guide: Students are responsible to be aware of the degree requirements for the Opticianry Program. Most of our students apply for the 72 credit AS.OPT Degree Code (Associate in Science Opticianry).

Students may also choose to complete:

The 60 credit AS.OPT.MAN Degree Code (AS Optical Management- for previously licensed Florida Opticians).

The 48 credit CCC.EYE.TECH (CCC Eye Care Technician).

The 24 credit CCC.OPT.LAB.TECH (CCC Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician).

The 11 credit ATC.OPT Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC Visual Assessment).

From the Student Handbook: Students are responsible to be aware of information pertaining to student conduct, important institutional deadlines, your HCC Hawknet Email account (HCC's official communication method), HCC's Vision, Mission and Goals, Academic Support Services, Student Services and Activities, Policies and Procedures, Safety and Security, Health and Wellness, and Student Rights and Responsibilities.

From the Safety Handbook: Students are responsible to be aware of HCC's Safety Policies, Alcohol and Drug Policies, Transmittable Diseases, Sexual Assaults, Harassment, Offences, Emergency Guidelines and Safety Resources.

The links to the College Publications are listed below. Please take the time to read:

These resources present information to you that is required prior to applying to HCC and enrolling in the Opticianry Program. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the college requirements and policies. 

Link to: HCC College Publications


At this time the HCC Opticianry Program is not a limited access program. This means that any student successfully admitted to HCC may begin the Opticianry Program at the start of the next available semester. Students must submit a completed HCC Admissions Application.

· The application must be complete in all aspects for the student to be successfully admitted into the college.

· Students who do not have a prior post-secondary degree, must submit high school transcripts or GED scores.

· Any college transcripts a student has must be submitted.

· All transcripts must be official and sealed upon receipt by the HCC Records Department (no copies or opened documents accepted/ no "courses in progress" on transcript)

· Any student not able to show college level skill by previous college transcript must take the College Placement Test (CPT). The CPT can be taken at any community college, however, official scores from the CPT must be submitted to HCC prior to beginning the Opticianry Program. CPT Exam review materials may be available at the college bookstore.



1- Once you begin the Online Application make note of your log-in information (User ID and Password) so that you can access your application at later times for edits/ updates

2- Be sure to enter the Program Code: AS.OPT on your application/ Campus Dale Mabry

3- Be sure you meet the Florida residency requirements outlined under Residency Guidlines PRIOR to submitting your application!!!

**The two most common forms of proof are FL Driver License and Voter Registration Card. Check the "issue dates" of these cards now. If either of the cards (or any other form of proof of residency) shows an issue date LESS THAN 12 months prior to today= you are NOT considered a Florida Resident.

**If this is the case for you: Please review the residency requirements to determine a secondary form of proof of FL Residency BEFORE going any further. You may also contact the HCC Admissions and Records Office through HCC LIVE. Follow the instructions below to contact the HCC Admissions and Records Office.


Click HERE: FL Residency Requirements

4- The application fee will be posted to your balance upon your initial registration

5- Be sure to review all the information posted on the Apply Now webpage. Prior to starting the application please read, review and understand the information presented regarding Campus Locations, Residency Requirements, FERPA Information, Transient and Cross Enrolled Students and International Students (where applicable).

It is the Student's responsibility to be aware of the HCC Admissions Rerquirements. 

At this point in the Orientation: Students must complete the Application process prior to starting the HCC Opticianry Online Orientation.

Please click the link below to apply to HCC at this time:

Click here to open the HCC Admissions Information and Online Application

If after you complete the application process you find that you have a discrepency on your record, have a hold on your account or you have the need to update or edit your student record or information- you must contact the HCC Office of Admissions, Records and Registration (AR&R).

Only HCC AR&R can access student records. The HCC Opticianry Program can not access or alter student records. HCC AR&R can only access, edit and/ or update a student's record with the permission of the student.

Please follow the instructions below to contact HCC Admissions Department through HCC LIVE. This is the only method by which you will be able to resolve admissions and enrollment issues.

 Financial Aid and Veteran's Benefits:

The HCC Opticianry Program does not counsel students about Financial Aid options. To avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings students must contact the Financial Aid Office for information, guidance and counseling.

Should a student require financial aid prior to starting the Opticianry Program it is strongly recommended that students begin the financial aid application process immediately.

Students applying for financial aid should be aware that there are two (2) main procedures to begin the process of applying for financial aid. Step One: Apply to FAFSA (federal financial aid procedures) and Step Two: Apply to HCC (community college financial aid procedures).

The link below will take you to the Financial Aid Website for detailed instructions on these procedures. Any questions about these procedures should be brought to the HCC Financial Aid Counselors NOT the Opticianry Program.

Please follow the instructions below to contact HCC Financial Aid Department through HCC LIVE. This is the only method by which you will be able to resolve financial aid/ funding issues.

Link to:

HCC Financial Aid Department: /financial-aid.aspx

HCC Veteran's Benefits Department:


If you have issues with your admission, your student records, log-in accounts, financial aid or other please see below:


For the following issues:

  • Transcripts (High School and previous College)
  • Change of Degree Code
  • Prep-courses and Pre-requisites
  • Registration Holds
  • Scheduling Questions

Email: hccoptadmissions@hccfl.edu

When sending your email:

  • Use your HCC Hawkmail Email Address only
  • Include your FULL NAME, STUDENT ID# (or SS#), and that you are an HCC Opticianry Program Student.
  • Explain specifically and in detail exactly what your admissions and/or registration issue is.

For the following issues:

  • Update Application/ Admissions records
  • Hawknet Webadvisor Log-in (User ID/ Passwords)
  • Residency Classification
  • Hawkmail Email Address
  • Net ID Registration
  • BlackBoard Log-in
  • Financial Aid Issues

Students must contact HCC directly through HCC Live Support.

CLICK HERE to open the HCC Live Support Instructions

When you submit your HCC Live Support Ticket:

  • Include your FULL NAME, STUDENT ID# (or SS#), and that you are an HCC Opticianry Program Student.
  • Explain specifically and in detail exactly what your admissions and/or registration issue is.

This concludes Part 5. Once you have completed "Part 5 Apply to HCC" please allow 10 to 14 business days to receive your HCC Acceptance Letter.

The HCC Acceptance Letter will include your HCC Student ID# as well as your Florida Residency Status. Please verify that your Florida Residency Status is correct. Any changes to your record must be done directly through the Admissions Office.

Follow the instructions above to contact the Admissions Office.


1- You receive your HCC Acceptance Letter

2- You verify that a) your residency status is correct b) all transcripts are submitted and received by the Admissions Office and c) all funding for tuition, fees, textbooks and supplies is in place.



. This concludes Part 5. Once you have completed Part 5 you may continue into Part 6 of the HCC Opticianry Online Orientation.



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