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Radiation Therapy


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 Welcome to the HCC Radiation Therapy Program website!

This program is a full-time program offered at the Dale Mabry Campus.


Vision Statement

The Radiation Therapy Program strives to offer a high quality learning environment that prepares the students to become leaders in the field of radiation therapy.


Mission Statement:

The Radiation Therapy Program will educate and develop qualified, entry level radiation therapists. 

The program’s strong commitment to the didactic and clinical components provides experiences that aid the student in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective radiation therapist and respond to the needs of today’s changing medical environment. Community affiliations and partnerships provide clinical opportunities for challenging, stimulating learning experiences that direct student success in radiation therapy.


Program Philosophy:

The field of Radiation Therapy is a health science specialty that educates students in the application of ionizing and gamma radiation administered to patients with neoplastic diseases.  In order for the student to fully understand the treatment delivery process, (s)he must have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of the disease including treatment, simulation,  histology, physics, and tissue reactions with radiation.

Treatments are administered utilizing high energy linear accelerators, with multiple energies, photons, electrons that incorporate the newest technology which include Multi Leaf Collimation, Intensity Modulating Radiation Therapy, Stereotatic Radiosurgery and the Gamma Knife.  Simulation and treatment planning are integral to the overall success of the students.  In depth study of these vital components is presented through didactic classes and labs utilizing hands on experiences in the VERTUAL Lab, CT Simulation and Treatment Planning.

The program faculty believes that educational excellence is central to the delivery of instruction and encourages students to adapt to challenging situations, and employ good communication and problem solving skills.


Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes: 

Goal # 1:  Students will demonstrate competent clinical skills. 

Student Learning Outcome:                   

  • Students will demonstrate correct patient treatment setup skills                  
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to accurately image the patient                 
  • Students verifies treatment parameters and activates the patient treatment 
  • Students adhere to radiation protection guidelines


Goal #2:  Students/Graduates will develop effective critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Student Learning Outcome:                 

  • Students will successfully use critical thinking and problem solving skills during practical simulation lab exams                
  • Graduates will use critical thinking and problem solving skills when compared others with similar education and skills                
  • Students will demonstrate effective problem solving skills in the clinical setting  


Goal #3:  Students will demonstrate effective communication skills in the clinical setting.  

Student Learning Outcome:                 

  • Students effectively communicate with clinical staff                
  • Students effectively communicate with patients                
  • Students practice effective written communication skills  


Goal #4:  Students/graduates will conduct themselves in a professional manner. 

Student Learning Outcome:                    

  • Students/Graduates will be members of the ASRT
  • Students exhibit professional work skills
  • Students will present a professional appearance at clinic                
  • Students will conduct themselves in a professional manner at clinic



The Radiation Therapy program is accredited by:

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology recognized by the United States Department of Education.


20 N Wacker Drive

Suite 2850

Chicago, IL 60606-3182

Phone: (312) 704-5300 

Fax: (312) 704-5304

Email: mail@jrcert.org



Click Here to Download the ASRT Ethics Document

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