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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: “I have really good grades, would that be a guarantee of acceptance into the Radiography Program or could I be placed on a waiting list?” 

 A: Every year, the Radiography Program accepts 20 students from about 100 applicants. There is no waiting list to be accepted into the Radiography Program. Students are selected each year by the highest GPA of the prerequisite courses. 
 Q:   “When is the application deadline and who should I contact if I have any questions concerning my application or whether certain courses I took at another university would be accepted at HCC?” 
  A: Application deadline is February 15 of each year. All prerequisites must be completed by application deadline. The Radiography Program Faculty are not involved in the application process. For any questions concerning your application, you should contact healthsciences@hccfl.edu. Any questions concerning transfer of credits/courses please contact an HCC advisor or counselor. 
  Q:  “I have turned in my completed application, what should I do while I am waiting to hear from HCC?”
  A: If you have not completed BSC 2086 Human Anatomy & Physiology II, BSC 2086L Human Anatomy & Physiology II Laboratory, CGS 1000 Introduction to Computers & Technology and/or a Humanities course this would be a good time to try and fulfill this requirement.  These courses are needed to complete the Associate of Science degree awarded upon completion of the Radiography Program.
  Q:  “What is the lowest grade point average that you accept?”
  A: The lowest grade point average that HCC accepts is a 2.0 however; to qualify for a limited access program (such as Radiography), it is recommended that on the prerequisite courses your grades be significantly higher than the college required minimum.   
  Q:  “When does the program start and at what campus of HCC do the classes take place?”
  A: The program begins every August on the first day of classes for the fall term.  All classes take place on the Dale Mabry campus only, you will however be attending “clinicals” and that will be at one of the hospitals we offer for this avenue of study.   


This page last updated June 16, 2016

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