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Frequently Asked Questions

Water and Wastewater “C” License Courses from ICCE 



Q: Is this the same thing as the Advanced Water Treatment class offered by HCC?

A: No. This is a non-credit course offered by the Institute of Florida Studies. Although this is an HCC program, it does not require application and enrollment at HCC.


Q: What are the requirements to take the licensing exam?

A: The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires 155 hours of classroom study at an approved facility (which IFS is) to sit for the licensing exam. To receive the Class “C” license, the State requires applicants to have a high school diploma or GED, and documented at least 1 year (2,080 hours) experience (paid or unpaid).


Q: Does this course fee include the two required text books?

A: No. Text books can be purchased from the Sacramento State University Water Programs website. (links available on our web page)


Q: Does this course fee include the State Licensing exam?

A: No. The State schedules and administers the exams.


Q: Can I use school financial aid or my GI Bill to pay for this course?

A: No. Because this is a non-credit course, it does not meet the requirements for federal financial aid. Under cerrtain circumstances, military benefits might be acceptable. Please speake to your VA benefits coordinator.


Q: Are there other opportunities for financial assistance?

A: Yes. Some students have received assistance through various workforce programs outside of ICCE and HCC.


Q: When is payment due for the course?
A: The full payment of $550 must be made by the first day of the course.


Q: Do you help with job placement after the course is complete?

A: No. But our instructors are knowledgeable in the industry and are an excellent resource for identifying potential employers.


Q: Where and when can I register for the next course?

A: The Institute for Corporate and Continuing Education offers the course twice a year: Fall and Spring. Registration usually opens several months before the courses begin. All registrations will be handled through the ICCE office and http://www.tampatraining.com/


Q: I have a question that was not covered here. Can I come in and ask questions?

A: Of course, but because we are a small department and are often in the field, we ask that you make an appointment. The best way to contact us is through the ICCE office.

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