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International Student Health Insurance  

Healthcare in the United States is very expensive, and medical insurance is necessary to help protect international students against unforeseen events that could result in long-term financial hardship.

Hillsborough Community College requires all F-1 visa students to maintain adequate health insurance throughout their studies at the College. Health insurance must be valid for a minimum period of one year, and proof of insurance is mandatory for each year of enrollment.

When an F-1 international student is admitted to HCC, a registration hold will be placed on his/her student account. The registration hold remains in effect until the student has submitted proof of insurance coverage.

To assist international students in complying with the health insurance mandate, HCC offers a health insurance plan that is underwritten by Seven Corners and managed by Collegiate Risk Management (CRM). It is the only health insurance policy guaranteed to meet all insurance requirements per HCC policy.  All F-1 international students attending HCC must purchase a medical insurance plan offered through CRM, unless they apply for and are granted a waiver by CRM/the Center for International Education before registration.  

F-2 Dependents: While proof of insurance is not mandatory for dependents of F-1 students, it is recommended that they also be insured.  

HCC F-1 Insurance Requirements

All health insurance for F-1 international students must meet HCC’s mandatory insurance requirements, including:

  • Continuous insurance coverage through graduation date (annual breaks included)
  • Medical benefits of at least $200,000 per accident or illness per policy year
  • A minimum of $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation
  • A minimum of $10,000 for repatriation

For a full summary of the required insurance coverage, costs, and to enroll online, please visit the CRM website or click on the information you need below:

Enroll online

Renew your insurance

Download health insurance plan brochure

Find a Doctor

Find an Urgent Care Facility

Claim Form  

Questions about coverage, claims, etc.:

All questions about what the policy covers should be directed to CRM at 1-800-822-3420. 

Dental Insurance:  Medical insurance does not include dental services. Students may purchase dental insurance at an affordable monthly rate through CRM. 

F-1 Insurance Waiver Requests 

International students may request an insurance waiver if they are fully covered by other health plans that are valid and recognized for medical benefits in the U.S. and that offer insurance coverage equal or greater than HCC’s mandatory coverage, such as national health plans or plans offered through embassies.   

To submit a waiver request, please complete the Student Insurance Waiver form.  

Email the waiver form to crm@collegiaterisk.com, along with a copy of your insurance identification card with start and expiration date, and an explanation of your benefits (what is covered by your insurance plan) to the number or email address provided on the waiver form at least two weeks before you plan to register for classes.

  • If the benefits page is not in English or Spanish, it must be accompanied by a certified translation. Policies must have U.S. phone numbers and claim offices.
  • Travel policies and those limited in scope within the U.S. are generally not accepted as a health plan.
  • If your plan does not provide medical evaluation and repatriation benefits but otherwise meets the College’s mandatory benefit levels, click here to enroll for Repatriation and Evacuation Only.

Your health insurance waiver MUST be approved before you can be cleared to register! If it does not comply with the requirements, you will NOT be cleared to register for classes until you provide documentation of insurance coverage which meets the HCC mandate. This may include purchasing HCC-approved health insurance through CRM.