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Troika Study Abroad Programs: An HCC Concept  

08 ecuador pictures 003In 2003, leadership at HCC’s Center for International Education (CIE) came up with an innovative, game-changing idea for Study Abroad programs: Develop Study Abroad programs via a consortium of community colleges to make foreign study opportunities more accessible and affordable to students, and more sustainable.  

Today, the model has proved to be a huge success.

Why “The Troika” Works

Referred to as the Troika—because at least three community colleges are required to collaborate on each Study Abroad program for three consecutive years—the model’s basis of pooling resources benefits students and faculty. It lowers the barriers community college students face in studying abroad, and makes it far easier for colleges to sustain the programs. Here’s how: 

  • Colleges take turns developing curriculum and leading each year’s programs, effectively keeping the program running while lessening demand on faculty. 
  • Colleges share scholarship support obligations, giving more students financial support than could be realized through a single institution.  
  • Students can get credit for courses linked to any program content—even those designed at another college— so that students pay in-state tuition and register at their home institution.  

DenmarkWindmilTroika programs are also designed specifically with the community college student in mind. You can learn a lot—even experience life-changing or eye-opening experiences—via a Troika program in as little as two weeks abroad. That means you don’t have to give up your job, or abandon your family for months. And the programs are offered in summer, so you don’t have to miss other classes while you’re away.  

HCC is proud to have introduced this program to the CCID. We believe the program, with its “open source” model, will become a popular gateway for community college students to learn about their field of study, and the world.