Keynote Speakers:

stuart valentine from centerpoint investment Strategies

Communion, Communication and Community:

The Integral Investment Path to Building Sustainable Economy and True Wealth

stuart valentine

Stuart Valentine is a registered Representative of Financial West Group (FWG) and member of The Progressive Asset Management Group, the Socially Responsible Investment division of FWG. As owner of Centerpoint Investment Strategies, he is passionate about building the personal relationships and networks necessary to create meaningful, systemic change in the world of finance today. In September 2010, Stuart served on the Drafting Committee on Transforming Finance--an initiative to recognize finance as a global commons. He currently serves on the board of Progressive Asset Management, Inc (PAMI) and the Research Advisory Board for Ethical Markets in the area of Social Venture Capital. Having written a series of articles on Socially Responsible Investing and its relationship to the Hero’s Journey, Stuart is often invited to speak to describe the conscious investment process and the changes taking place within the global green economy. Outside of his professional life, Stuart is an active member in his community. He is Co-Director of the Sustainable Living Coalition (SLC), adjunct faculty in the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) sustainable business department and served on the planning commission for the city-wide “Fairfield Go-Green Strategic Plan 2020.”

about centerpoint investment strategies:

Centerpoint Investment Strategies is committed to doing their part in building true wealth on the planet by participating in, and working through, the field of investment. They affirm their responsibility to evolve this field from within, as active participants of a system whose ultimate purpose is to be in service to the common good. Their goal is to build not only financial wealth for clients, but to enhance the experience of True Wealth that comes from connecting life’s purpose with financial life choices and investment portfolio.Securities and investment advisory services offered through Financial West Group (FWG), Member FINRA/SIPC. The PAM Group is the socially responsible investment division of FWG.
OSJ: 1755 Gablehammer Rd., Westminster, MD 21157. (410) 751-7054.

Mark WILCOX and phil reasons from Morningstar Aquaponics

Sustainable Collaborations:

 Aquaponics for Community Development

mark              phil reasons

Mark is a huge asset to the team at Morning Star where he works as the Director of Sustainability. He has invested the last 30 years learning to create agrarian based, self-sustainable, off grid, zero waste communities. His skills and traditions range from early primitive cultures to the most modern green technologies. His desire is to restore, preserve and promote the interests of simple living and instill in others the mindful stewardship of the Earth, Her limited natural resources and fragile eco-systems.

Mark and his wife Karen established The Floral City Soapworks, where they make herbal soaps and remedies for local farmers markets and health food stores.

Mark was the Farm Maintenance Manager for Sweetwater Organic Community Farm for six years. He maintained and built pole barns, green houses, wells, irrigation, filtration and septic systems. Assisted in all aspects of farm operations including seeds, greenhouses, hardening sheds, tilling, composting, wind rows, planting, organic insect control, harvesting and distribution of produce.

He became a certified coal fire blacksmith and did demonstrations at the heritage Village living history museum also advising them on heirloom vegetables and early pioneer living.

He is also, a member of the DART (Disaster Animal Rescue Team), He assisted in the operations, rescue and recovery of injured animals during many natural and man-made disasters including hurricane Andrew, the Mississippi and Louisiana floods and the BP oil spill.

Phil spent 40 years in the farm lands of the mid-west where he developed animal husbandry and agriculture experience ranging from small organic gardening to large scale cattle and row crop production. Phil has a broad range of experience developing and managing both non-profit and for-profit organizations. His non-profit work began over 20 years ago when he started multi-state community development programs. Phil’s work continued with the development of the Horizon Youth Ranch a state recognized rehabilitation home for teen-aged boys. Phil served as an associate at Word of Life Church and the Director of their full time Internship Program. Phil was the Director of Development for the Peace through Water Foundation and has served as coordinator for several national disaster relief efforts. He started PAR Construction Company in 1985 a company with a focus on educating clients on innovative and alternative building products and methods. His efforts have taken him around the world working with local communities to develop sustainable food production. Phil’s passion to make a difference in the world and his conviction to live sustainable make him an asset at MSF.

About Morningstar:

Located on 10 acres in Dade City, Florida, 25 miles north east of Tampa. The main hatchery and training facility has over 110,000 gallons of tank space, wet labs and classrooms. There is also 30,000 gallons of enclosed exterior tanks as well as a fully integrated “model” solar and wind powered aquaponics systems.

Students of all ages and backgrounds are visiting the Training and Research Center and are encouraged to serve their fellow man and learn the value and importance of self-sustainability. Their studies include: working with various appropriate technologies; breeding; feeding; managing waste; maximizing growth; gardening; weeding; and general maintenance.

A well-equipped dormitory with 5 separate dorm rooms, 2 full baths, a dining room and a full kitchen houses 10 students who are able to stay on an extended visit in order to enjoy longer educational options.


JULIAN CASPARI and courtney irwin from Making Good

Part 1: Social Media for Good

Part 2: Emergence of the "Do Good" Economy


julian caspari           courtney irwin

The Co-founder of Schools Without Borders (SWB), Julian is empowering a global network of organizations to deliver essential learning opportunities for young people outside the classroom. Julian has a decade of leadership experience working with communities as a facilitator, organizer and mentor. He has led initiatives ranging from corporate and community engagement, to youth employment and health & wellness projects across the Toronto Region and around the world. A 2011 DiverseCity Fellow, Board Member at SWB and consultant to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Julian is committed to establishing partnerships between corporate, government and community sectors in an effort to build “equity” for people, communities and society at large.

Courtney launched her career as a primary school teacher in 2007 and has since experienced what a non-liner path looks like. Her passion for social media and communications was sparked through opportunities to help a range of organizations, companies and artists to spread their message to a wider audience. She has worked on social media strategies with groups including Schools Without Borders, Making Good, Safe Spaces, Grace Hearth, Vocal Mimicry Soundation and recording artist, Austin Willacy. 

Courtney has a post secondary degree in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University and a Primary Teaching Degree from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Through her teaching and environmental career Courtney held positions ranging from Landscape Artist to Environmental Educator, and Eco-craft Leader to Primary School teacher.  Courtney is now in the process of becoming a life coach through the Interchange Institute in San Francisco, California. Courtney’s ability to reach out with empathy and compassion has been bred through her life experiences, and manifests through her desire to support people to be their fullest, unequivocal self.  Outside of “work”, Courtney loves to cut a rug, surround herself in nature and dabble in artistic projects.


About Making Good (the book and the company):

Making Good's goal is to help hundreds of thousands of people build careers that make money and change the world. Their book, their partnerships, and the series of missions are their first step to achieving this goal.

Book Synopsis:

As we emerge from the recession, a generation is searching for practical answers about how to succeed financially while also making positive change in the world. From energy to food to education, Making Good outlines how to find opportunities to affect change and make money. These opportunities are not just for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies: Making Good outlines step by step how any person can achieve financial autonomy, capitalize on global changes to infrastructure, and learn from everyday success stories—providing the skills and insights this generation needs to succeed.