All Panels will be held in the Performing Arts Main Theater

 DAY 1


9:30 - 10:30 AM   Panel A: Defining Social Entrepreneurship
   Daniel Scott, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USFSP College of Business
   Ryan Iacovacci, Co-founder & Market Manager at Bird House Buying Club
   Jefferson "Jeff" Knott, Chairman at Tintagel Holdings LLC
   Steven Williams, Graduate Student at University of South Florida
 10:30 - 11:30 AM  Panel B: Show me the Money
   L. Lucky Guerra, Co-founder and Principal at Sirius Development Group, LLC.
   Andy Gold, Founder Terrapath, Inc., and Faculty, Hillsborough Community College
   Marie Nelson, Ed. D., Professor Emerita, Integrated Studies in Education, National Louis University & Founder, Tampa Bay Time Community Service Exchange
 2:00 - 3:00 PM  Panel C: Our Students - Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs of the Future
   Dave Wistocki, The University of Tampa
   Dorothy Estrada, The University of Tampa
   Nathan Fyfe, Hillsborough Community College, Diverse Farms Project
   James Hendrickson, Independent Health Coach and Operations Consultant
   Everett Jno Baptiste, Hillsborough Community College
 3:00 - 4:00 PM  Panel D: Local and Global Impacts
   Estevan Baza, Graduate Student at USF Patel School of Global Sustainability
   Resham Shirsat, Sustainability Specialist at Hillsborough Community College
   Keosha Poole, Graduate Student at USF Patel School of Global Sustainability
   John G van Hezewyk, Independent Consultant
 DAY 2


 9:00 - 10:00 AM  Panel E: Tampa Bay Regional Business Plan and Sustainable Opportunities
   Dr. Kevan Main, Director of Mote Aquaculture Research Park and Senior Scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory
   Ginger Clark, Director of Technical Programs at Hillsborough Community College
   Yolanda Levell-Williams, Executive Director of Economic Development ICCE at Hillsborough Community College
   Margaret Rush, Sustainability Coordinator at the Environmental Protection Commission
   Nina Stokes, Program Manager Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) at Hillsborough Community College
 10:00 - 11:00 AM  Panel F: Role of Media in promoting Social Entrepreneurship
   Linda Sechrist, Sr. Staff Writer, National Director, Community Outreach, Natural Awakenings magazine; founder of
   Nerissa LamisonDirector, Radio and Television Department at Hillsborough Community College
   David Warner, Editor at Creative Loafing 
   Councilwoman Lisa J. Montelione, Tampa City Councilwoman



Speaker Profiles:


Panel A: Defining Social Entrepreneurship 

Daniel James Scott, Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USFSP College of Business 

Described as “an accomplished entrepreneur” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and noted by the Business Observer for “seeing opportunity in the most unlikely places”, Daniel teaches visionaries and visionary organizations how to develop, perfect and execute on their concepts. Never satisfied with the status quo, Daniel has leveraged his innovative and forward-thinking initiative to create the nation’s first free automated startup viability report; Florida’s first startup checklist and seed-stage fund; and Tampa Bay’s first crowdsourced newswire and consolidated entrepreneurial ecosystem development initiative. Maybe more important is Daniel’s contribution to the advancements in the art of entrepreneurship. In 2007, when Building the Ultimate Business Plan was released, a business plan was written by putting pen to paper first. The text, and its relationship with ABS’ Ultimate Business Planner software, allowed for a new process: concept development, research, planning, analysis, forecasting, and then a final plan. Daniel continues to push the boundaries of how we think about entrepreneurship in his work as one of Tampa bay Business Journal’s “top three favorite business speakers,” founder of startup technology firm Alorum, associate editor of the Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, and as the co-founder and associate director of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at the USFSP College of Business – USASBE’s 2013 Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program. In addition, as a trustee of Awesome St. Petersburg, he helps fund and distribute microgrants for things that are, well, awesome. 

Ryan Iacovacci, Co-founder & Market Manager at Bird House Buying Club

Ryan Iacovacci is the co-founder & market manager for the Birdhouse Buying Club, an online local food market that's working to democratize the food system, from farmer to foodie, through cooperative economics.  Ryan is a USF Alumni, holding a degree in Religious Studies & a degree in International Studies and has been organizing local food systems, from living & working at Florida farms, to marketing, brokering, distributing farm to table, childhood obesity prevention work and as an avid gardener & wild food forager.   

Jefferson “Jeff” Knott, Chairman at Tintagel Holdings LLC.

Jeff Knott has written bestselling books on four Continents "Navigating the Healthcare Maze", US President's Award for Excellence in Exporting (Twice a recipient), and a Member of the William Gates Senior Initiative for Global Development Council. He is the Chairman at Tintagel Holdings LLC, with over 30 years of senior management leadership experience in existing and start-up businesses in over 120 countries. Jeff has worked in the industries of Healthcare, Building Materials, Retail, Technology and Entrepreneurial ventures.His experience includes top positions with Rooms to Go, Jim Walter International Corporation and the Johnson and Johnson Corporation. He holds a BSc from Loughborough University, UK, a MA from Western Kentucky University, an Executive MBA from the University of South Florida, and has gone through the Senior Management Program and Multinational Marketing at Harvard Business School.

Steven A. Williams, Graduate Student at University of South Florida

Steven A. Williams is a graduate student (MA) in Applied Anthropology at the University of South Florida and has been active in numerous urban gardening and farmer’s market initiatives in the Tampa Bay area. His research employs ethnographic and ‘garbological’ methods to uncover the social and behavioral determinants of food waste in school settings. Working in close coordination with faculty and students from USF Anthropology, Engineering, and Geography, this project demonstrates a workable model for interdisciplinary cooperation and application towards solutions to the world’s burgeoning waste crisis, combining small-scale anaerobic digesters and GIS to propose ways in which large volumes of food waste can be safely and efficiently managed at both institutional and municipal scales, and how anaerobic digestion fits in with broader ‘zero-waste’ initiatives. He hopes to share his experiences in interdisciplinary sustainability research and explore ways through which the humanities and social sciences can contribute to discussions about and solutions to food waste. 


Panel B: Show me the Money

L. Lucky Guerra, Co-founder and Principal at Sirius Development Group, LLC.

Mr. L. Lucky Guerra is co-founder and principal of Sirius Development Group, LLC., (SDG) a business and economic development organization dedicated to bridge capital markets and business expertise with underserved communities throughout the United States. Drawing from his experiences as an entrepreneur, Lucky has guided the company’s focus on the social entrepreneurship opportunities that are latent for non-profits and socially motivated businesses. As part of this overall strategy, SDG, under Lucky’s leadership, has partnered and co-founded Mainstreet USA Consulting, LLC., providing training and technical assistance to innovative enterprises in the fields of Clean Energy & Water, Health Care, Education and Food Production. Most recently Lucky and his partners have developed a business model and prototype to make “urban farming” a reality for millions of families in America.  They have created “Affluent Food Systems, Inc., with the strong belief that it is time to bring market driven solutions to urban farming and food resilience or sustainability.  “We must create new business models and solutions for the acute social and economic challenges that the United States and the world are facing today.” This is Lucky’s mantra and he has committed his time, experience and resources toward its fulfillment.  He presents and facilitates symposiums on the issues of environment awareness, social justice and spirituality in the workplace throughout the area.  For a face to face conversation and to get to know his work better you may reach him at:

727-599-4779 or 

Andrew Gold, Founder Terrapath, Inc., and Faculty, Hillsborough Community College

Mr. Gold is a full-time faculty member of the Business department at Hillsborough Community College, located in Tampa, FL.  In addition, he is the founder of Terrapath, Inc, a social entrepreneurial venture started in 1994 with a mission of delivering IT and business consulting services to the nonprofit sector. Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Gold had a twelve year career on Wall Street, first serving as a Senior Vice President and Market Strategist for Prudential Securities and Lehman Brothers, and later he raised $52 million to start-up a hedge fund business with a partner of his. Mr. Gold holds a Bachelors degree from the State University of New York – Oswego, a MS degree in Management from Manhattanville College and is a doctoral candidate, in the process of completing his PhD in Business Administration at NorthCentral University. His core areas of research interest include using social entrepreneurship to reach at-risk students, the effects of moral suasion on academic dishonesty, and the effect of time scarcity on information retention.  

Marie Wilson Nelson, Ed. D., Professor Emerita, Integrated Studies in Education, National Louis University & Founder, Tampa Bay Time Community Service Exchange

A writer, activist & grounded theory researcher, Marie Nelson spent her academic career teaching writing and working to make classrooms and academic programs more authentic, inclusive, engaging, responsive and fair. With a background in linguistics, writing, change studies and the evolution of groups, she taught and consulted in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East about responsive teaching, growth-biased assessment, action research for professional development, and teaching as a spiritual activity. Studying cultural shifts in the U.S. during a 2004-05 sabbatical year, she noticed that the ethics, principles and evolutionary process of permaculture were aligned with the findings that had emerged from her own research on classrooms where virtually every learner succeeds (documented, for example, in At the Point of Need: Studying Basic and ESL Writers). She became certified as a permaculture designer, joined the Transition Movement, and organized Tampa Bay Time Community Service Exchange, also known as a time bank, in which trades made in Hours complement and help rebalance the market economy. Since retiring she has studied a range of financial strategies for shifting local economies of scarcity to economies of abundance for all.


Panel C: Our Students -  Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs of the Future

 Dave Wistocki, The University of Tampa

David is an International Business, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship student at The University of Tampa. Drawing from a background in business beginning at the age of 12, his latest engagement is competing for the Hult Prize—a $1 million global social entrepreneurship competition that calls for a profit-generating social enterprise solution to the global food crisis by feeding 200 million people in urban slums by 2018. David leaves tomorrow to Boston, MA with a team of other UT students to compete in the next round of the competition. 

Dorothy Estrada, The University of Tampa

Dorothy is a senior at the University of Tampa. This May, she will graduate with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in English. Dorothy’s has a strong passion for environmental protection, conservation, and sustainable design. While studying in Costa Rica in fall of 2011, she volunteered at a sustainable eco-farm, which ignited her interest in alternative agriculture methods.  Dorothy has interned at the National Marine Life Center on Cape Cod, MA, and most recently served as an education intern for Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.  Dorothy has completed undergraduate research in the using software to map sustainable urban green spaces, and her paper on green building design was published in the University of Tampa Honors journal, Repsondez!. This spring, she will present separate research on zooplankton levels in Tampa Bay to a group of other Honors Undergraduate Research Fellows at the University of Tampa. Dorothy is honored to serve on the student panel at this HCC conference, since she is a member of a group of five students from UT selected to compete in Boston for the $1 million Hult Prize for social entrepreneurship in March. She hopes to garner as much knowledge as she can from her fellow students and presenters about sustainable design, particularly in urban areas, and help promote sustainability efforts through education.  

Nathan Fyfe, Hillsborough Community College, Diverse Farms Project

Nathan is a Business Administration Major at Hillsborough Community College. His group started the Diverse Farms Project to allow people to follow their progression from developing a small prototype Aquaponics system to the future development of a commercial size system. One of the main points Nathan wishes to communicate is that anyone can do Aquaponics – not just farmers of those with a green thumb. Nathan encourages other individuals to take advantage of the thousands of free resources on the internet to be successful. Help from other like-minded friends, family, or anyone else in the community can also be leveraged to collectively achieve goals.  Aquaponics can allow anyone to grow their own produce without needing a large garden space. He hopes to leave the audience feeling that they can bring this concept of urban agriculture into their classrooms, homes, and businesses to help create a sustainable food source. Not all people want to be farmers, so he hopes his story will give a good example of being able to achieve anything.  

James HendricksonIndependent Health Coach and Operations Consultant

James studies accessibility to health care through the lens of narrative. With a background in film, music, spatial design, and dance, he works to mediate between the storyteller and an audience. Preferentially living as a nomad, James has experienced life's frugality amidst the inertia of an abundant community. He has worked in various venues, wearing different hats, but for a common purpose: the propulsion of sustainable living. The Guerilla Circus, The Roosevelt 2.0, (F)ood (A)ctivists (R)evolutionizing (M)eals, The Birdhouse Intentional Community, The Real Food Challenge, Food Not Bombs, etc. Currently, James is affiliated with a team of experimental farmers that are established in the Indian state of Andra Pradesh striving to create flexible learning spaces that can accommodate the resource and lifestyle needs of the impoverished people in the surrounding areas. i.e Holy Hillside Farm, Ananda's Farm, & Renee & Ritcha's Resource CooperativeJames has also helped establish an alternative healing group in the Tampa Bay area that teaches a foundational knowledge base in Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Living, & Energetic Medicine. Through intuitive innovation, he works with a team of collegues to develop new approaches to how we interact with the elements of nature in our daily lives.His ultimate goal is to address and enhance waste management systems in consumer culture globally through PSA's, grassroots campaigns, and various activism networks.

Everett Jno Baptiste, Hillsborough Community College

Everett is currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and management along with several College Credit Certificates which include; Business Operations, Business Specialist, Business Management, and Business Development and Entrepreneurship. He has written songs that secured first place positions in organizational and national competitions in the Caribbean (Dominica). Everett has also performed as a musician on numerous national and international stages, and has been featured as an artist in many concert settings. He has shouldered the role of a worship director at one church for 3 years while actively involved in the worship experience of another as a versatile musician playing mainly the bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboard and posses over 15 years’ experience in songwriting and music performance. Coupling relevant experience with business education, he seeks to establish his brainchild Dorado Sounds (DS) which stems from his passion for music. DS seeks to create and develop musical icons (artists) who will deliver the message of life, love, and hope that will positively impact the world. DS also seeks to impact society through charitable efforts. DS creates a unique product that is affordable, consistently high in quality, and considerate of its clients’ needs and wants. DS’ success is based solely upon its clients’ success (clients’ upward mobility towards their endeavors). The target clientele includes new artists, musicians, music and film producers, and churches (choirs) between the ages of 10-30 years old, with an income ranging from $0-35k, and within the Tampa Bay Area.


Panel D:  Local and Global Impacts 

Estevan Baza, Graduate Student at USF Patel School of Global Sustainability

Estevan proudly served 7 years in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2010. During this time he earned the rank of Sergeant, specializing in airport firefighting and security for U.S. embassies. In addition to his deployment to Afghanistan, Mr. Baza has traveled to 18 other countries, including Norway, UK, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Venezuela, Brazil, and Trinidad and Tobago. During his service, Mr. Baza earned his Bachelor’s in Business Management from Colorado Technical University Online, based in Silver Springs, Colorado. Mr. Baza is currently a graduate student at the Patel School of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida. He is in his second year of earning his Master’s degree in Global Sustainability, concentrating on water, sustainable tourism, and coastal communities. His most recent research took place in Barbados in the summer of 2012, where he spent two months measuring public perception of sustainability within the country. In addition to his studies, Mr. Baza interns with the office of sustainability at Hillsborough Community College and is involved with sustainability-related initiatives at the University of South Florida. During this conference, Mr. Baza hopes to share his experience and education of sustainability-related issues and engage in discussions of how entrepreneurs can assist in providing solutions. 

Resham Shirsat, LEED AP, Sustainability Specialist at Hillsborough Community College

Resham holds a BS in Biology, BA in Anthropology, and a MS in Environmental and Waste Management. She is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design though USGBC) accredited professional and a certified permaculture designer. Her professional background is concentrated in the design, implementation, and performance tracking of Sustainability Management Systems for public and private sectors. This includes technical baseline resource assessments, stakeholder engagement activities, and the authoring of long term sustainability action plans for cities in Florida.  She is the current college-wide Sustainability Specialist at Hillsborough Community College where she helps to educate students on sustainable design and living practices, integrate sustainability into the curriculum, and help support the overall efficiency of the waste, energy, and water resources consumed by the College.  She recently spent two months in Uganda working for Roofings, the largest steel mill in East Africa on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program named Forever Forestry. This project includes the construction of a school on an educational permaculture farm that would provide Permaculture Design Certificates (PDC) free to Ugandans in order for them to sustain themselves and their families. Top students who are looking to become social entrepreneurs in a sustainable economy will be sent through a Sustainable Community Managers (SCM) course that teaches social entrepreneurship and conflict resolution skills, thus creating a network of sustainable farm managers empowered to overcome the lingering negative impacts of genocide, HIV/AIDS, and the diamond/minerals industry that suppresses the prosperity of Ugandans.  

Keosha T. Poole, Graduate Student at USF Patel School of Global Sustainability

Keosha is a graduate student at the University of South Florida Patel School of Global Sustainability. She has a focus on entrepreneurship with a keen interest in engineering.  Keosha is the "Entrepreneur in Residence" with the Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association. Her professional interests include; small business consulting, social entrepreneurship, engineering, and agriculture. Her role with the Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association consist of, assisting the Executive Director and Advisory Board with the in completing the business plan which includes researching and locating potential community partners, identifying best practices, and developing a business model for the venture. She also assists board members with presentations for fundraising opportunities. Her previous internship experience includes Sweetwater Organic farm of Tampa, Florida where she educated visitors on sustainable growing practices and assisted farmers with planting and harvesting of crops. She hopes to share the local and global impact of her experiences and show how others could be active in social entrepreneurship as well.  She is interested in sharing her knowledge and passion regarding sustainability and business – and microfinance.

John G van Hezewyk, Independent Consultant 

John is an independent sustainability consultant, working with local businesses to reduce footprint and effect positive change across the triple bottom line.  More importantly he is a problem solver, lending a broad knowledge base and insight to finding solutions.  This skill set emerged from his background in agriculture and education, and was refined while pursuing an M.A. in Global Sustainability at USF’s Patel College of Global Sustainability, concentrating in entrepreneurship.   As a panelist at the 2013 Beyond Sustainability conference, John will present a case for a new model for innovation in business and policy.  At local or regional ‘idea labs’ community, municipal, academic, and business leaders will come together to tackle the challenges facing communities at all levels, from local to global.  By identifying opportunities and activating untapped economic and social capital, these labs will provide launching pads for a new generation of social entrepreneurs.  This multidisciplinary approach to engage all stakeholders will assist entrepreneurs and their start-ups in attracting investment and recognizing local, regional, and global impacts.   


Panel E: Tampa Bay Regional Business Plan and Sustainable Opportunities

Dr. Kevan Main, Director of Mote Aquaculture Research Park and Senior Scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory 

Kevan has led Mote Marine Laboratory’s aquaculture research efforts since she joined the staff in 2001. The Marine and Freshwater Aquaculture Research Program at Mote is focused on developing, evaluating and demonstrating sustainable approaches to produce marine fish, sturgeon, shrimp, abalone, and wetland plants through aquaculture.  Dr. Main served as the President of the World Aquaculture Society from 2012-2013 and is working with the Tampa Bay Partnership Program to determine the feasibility of developing and expanding sustainable aquaculture businesses in the Tampa Bay Region. Prior to joining Mote’s staff, Dr. Main worked on developing recirculating filtration systems to conserve water resources in marine and freshwater environments in Florida. In Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, she worked with aquaculture researchers and industry leaders in Asia and the Pacific to develop practical aquaculture technologies to grow businesses in remote island settings.

Ginger Clark, Director of Technical Programs at Hillsborough Community College

Ginger received her Ph.D. in Communications from Indiana University and served as a faculty member for 10 years at Texas Christian University and Eckerd College before joining HCC as a Dean in 2004. For the past six years, she has been the college-wide Director of Workforce and Adult Basic Education programs.  I also am the co-founder the college's Sustainability Council.

Yolanda Levell-Williams, Executive Director for Economic Development ICCE at Hillsborough Community College

Yolanda has worked for Hillsborough Community College (HCC) for nine (9) years.  Her primary responsibility is to create and implement educational and training services that maximize employment opportunities, enhance economic development efforts, that will increase profitability and productivity of business and industry.  Prior to joining HCC, Ms. Williams, worked for the federal government for 15 years, and lived and traveled abroad.  She brings international knowledge and experience when addressing technological, structural and organizational changes.  Ms. Williams holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma, certificates in Human Resources and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Community College Administration and Policy at University of Maryland. 

Margaret Rush, Sustainability Coordinator at the Environmental Protection Commission

Margaret is currently the Sustainability Coordinator at the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) of Hillsborough County.  She has been with the EPC for over 6 years and has worked on a variety of Air and Water issues.  She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from USF with a concentration in Environmental Health.  Margaret works closely with the County’s Workgroup on Energy Management and Sustainability with Commissioner Mark Sharpe. 

Nina Stokes, Program Manager Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) at Hillsborough Community College

Originally from the U.K., Nina Stokes graduated from the University College of North Wales with a B.S. in Marine Biology/Zoology. She moved to Florida in 1993 and worked at the Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Marine Research Institute in St. Petersburg as an Environmental Specialist for 5 years before embarking on a high school science teaching career. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 1996 with an M.A. in Secondary Science Education, and in 2010 with an Ed.S. in Interdisciplinary Science Education. She worked for the City of Tampa for 10 years as a Water Conservation Education Coordinator, and later moved to the Department of Solid Waste as Recycling Coordinator where she was instrumental in implementing an event recycling program for the annual Gasparilla Parades and road races. She joined the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE) at HCC in 2011 as Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) Project Manager.


Panel F: Role of Media in promoting Social Entrepreneurship 

Linda Sechrist, Sr. Staff Writer, National Director, Community Outreach, Natural Awakenings magazine; founder of

Linda Sechrist is the Senior Staff writer for Natural Awakenings as well as the National Director for Community Outreach and Managing Editor for New Franchises. The healthy lifestyle magazine actively publishes in 87 U.S. major markets. Monthly, more than 3.5 million readers enjoy cutting edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, as well as on products and services that support a healthy lifestyle. Linda’s public relations agency, The Write Image successfully branded images for active lifestyle communities as well as the southwest Florida District Council of the Urban Land Institute. The a nationally recognized research and education institute provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.  Linda’s feature articles have also appeared in various southwest Florida regional lifestyle magazines and on, the world’s most widely referenced, evidence-based natural medicine resource available to everyone. Her website, is dedicated to telling stories about people who are the change they want to see in the world and, in layman’s language, just how the new science of living systems can help us all see a world in which everything is interconnected. It’s all about workable solutions that are now in place, insights into a grassroots movement of how change, created by people who are doing the work everyday, is taking place and shaping a more sustainable future for everyone.

Nerissa Lamison, Director, Radio and Television Department at Hillsborough Community College

Nerissa is currently the program director of Hillsborough Community College's Radio TV/Digital Media Program.  She joined HCC full time last August.  Prior to that, Nerissa was a television news anchor in Tampa Bay. An evening news anchor/reporter at WFLA TV News Channel 8 and then more recently a morning news anchor at WTVT Fox 13 News.  Nerissa is a graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and through her 16 year career in television news she has done everything from work as a news assistant in the CNN Business Newsroom in New York City to covering the squatter communities in Manila, Philippines to reporting live during Florida's hurricane season. Nerissa has received a number of Journalism awards for her reporting. She has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Tampa Bay Black Journalists association for her work.  During this conference, Nerissa hopes to share her experience as well as help educate attendees on the role of the media and how they can best work with the media to reach their goals.

David Warner, Editor at Creative Loafing

David  has been the editor-in-chief of Creative Loafing, Tampa Bay’s alternative newsweekly, since the summer of 2004. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, David lived for many years in Philadelphia, where he was editor of the Philadelphia City Paper, an alt-weekly in the Creative Loafing vein. He has a B.A. from Harvard and an M.A. in Theater from Villanova, and was a 2001-2002 National Arts Journalism Fellow at Columbia University.

Councilwoman Lisa J. Montelione, Tampa City Councilwoman

Lisa J. Montelione represents District 7, which encompasses Tampa Palms, New and North Tampa. The area is the third largest employment center in the county and includes some of Tampa’s most prominent assets, including Busch Gardens/Adventure Island Theme Park complex, Babe Zaharias Golf Course, the University of South Florida, the Museum of Science and Industry, M2-Gen and Moffitt Cancer Center.  Councilwoman Montelione has been a resident of Hillsborough County for 27 years and District 7 for 13 years. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 2000, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences; concentrating in Public Administration, Urban Studies and Social Work. Councilwoman Montelione was recently elected and serves as the Vice Chair of the Hillsborough Metropolitan Organization (MPO) and is Chair of the MPO Livable Roadways Committee. Ms. Montelione represents the City on the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board, the Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Advisory Board and the New North Tampa Transportation Alliance.  She is City Council’s Building, Zoning and Preservation Committee Chair; Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee Vice Chair; Council Finance Committee, Alternate and was the Mayor’s appointee to the Economic Competitiveness Committee.