Regional Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan

HCC Sustainabiliity in collaboration with Tampa bay partnership

and other regional partners

Leading the efforts on creating online resources and repository of regional energy efficiency and conservation

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation group of the Regional Business Plan is a sub-committee of the

Marine and Environmental Activities target sector

Objectives: To create, populate, and promote centralized online repository of existing incentives, programs, and activities in the Tampa Bay region related to energy efficiency and conservation, and to convene stakeholders to explore and target possible regional initiatives to target, pursue, and implement, which would complement and/or enhance existing energy efficiency incentives, programs, and activities.

If you are engaged in energy efficiency and conservation

  • industry/business

  • education

  • regulatory agency or government

  • entrepreneurial and career opportunities 

  we invite you to provide us with any information to help meet our objectives


Dr.  Sudeep Vyapari or Dave Sobush

Thank you for your patience as we continue to update and add more information on this webite