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Through this newsletter we hope to share the wonderful stories, news, events and many fun things that all of us are engaged in within and outside HCC community.   This is YOUR newsletter.  As we launch this effort, this bimonthly (every two months) newsletter will feature YOUR stories, YOUR efforts, YOUR achievements and YOUR successes in all things sustainable.  No matter what you do, just remember to share.  We want to support your endeavors and efforts and continue to showcase the phenomenal work you do in our college and the community The title Nature, simple yet profound, symbolizes that sustainability is in our nature.  In 2012,  AACC recognized this nature of ours and we won the inaugural national Green Genome Award.  To reflect this core value of HCC, we believe that the title Nature is not only appropriate but natural. 

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Dr. gwendolyn stephenson,

visionary leader in college sustainability

please enjoy this July 2013 special edition of nature in loving memory of dr. stephenson

Dr. Stephenson