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Celebrating Ghana 2014-15

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April 16, 2015: Movie and a movie: Dale Mabry Campus

Summer 2015- Travel to next country of focus: Morocco

This year HCC will focus on Ghana.  The goal is to create a space for dialogue about the world beyond us and to invite participation from our community in this conversation. Our commitment to global education rests in the belief that our willingness and our ability to cross borders generates connections between and across different cultures and value systems, and, almost always, positively influences our way  of thinking, working, and living. We have selected Ghana as our focus of study for this year because as part of last summer's IDS program, a group of HCC students travelled to Ghana to serve as volunteers while learning about the country’s history and its people. These students will kick off our focus with an introduction to their tales of volunteerism abroad and a sharing of their stories about what they learned and what they saw. Other events focused on Ghana for the year will include, among other things, a book read, and our First Focus International Student conference.

We believe in the power of learning and are committed to the belief here at HCC (which was so well said by the late labor organizer Cesar Chaves regarding his own struggle), that “You cannot uneducate a person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.” We invite students, staff and faculty to join us in the coming year-long focus dedicated to the power of knowledge.