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TRiO & Special Programs Alumni Success Stories
ETS "Success Stories & Testimonials"

Terrance Phillips
Leto Comprehensive Senior High School
University of Miami
Major: Double majoring if Motion Pictures and Theatre in the School of Communications

I can honestly say that I would not be enrolled at such an honorable post-secondary institution if it was not for the wonderful staff at ETS. From the time I was first part of the group my freshman year, it had been a life changing experience. We went on trips, but every trip was beneficial to college and learning what the outside world had to offer, and finding what we had to offer to the world. I got a chance to tour so many colleges, that it felt like I was already there. They helped me with all tests and college applications, and I am thankful for that because my parents were swamped with bill after bill.

I had to adjust to the learning and studying plans than in high school. It is very different from high school, and I didn’t realize it fully until after the first month. I have more free time, but much more reading and studying, but I love it and accept its challenges knowing that I will be prepares for the road ahead.

I plan to graduate in 2010 with my double degree and head off to Los Angeles. I am going to be in the movie industry as an actor and movie director like Tyler Perry. He is my role model because he didn’t let where he came from damper his dreams.

SSS "Success Stories & Testimonials"
Brandon Hargrove
University of South Florida
Major: International Business
Minor: Marketing

In the fall of 2003, I started my college career at Hillsborough Community College, at the wonderful Plant City Campus. Like many students, I entered college and felt like I was in the middle of the ocean, without any help or support. One particular day I met an individual by the name of Mrs. Myers. I will never forget that day. It was the beginning of a change in my life that will be everlasting. Mrs. Myers introduced me to Student Support Services. I thought this program was the right one and from that point on the members of the program took me under their wing, helping me to achieve my academic goals. As a result, I graduated with an Associate in Arts in the spring of 2007.
The staff at Student Support Services was so supportive of me and my efforts in getting a degree. Student Support Services played a significant role in exposing me to different activities. I enjoyed the educational trips, workshops, and Christmas celebrations. This program offers a variety of activities that students benefit from.
I found that taking the trips was very beneficial. These trips gave me the opportunity to obtain information about transferring to four year colleges and universities.
Student Support Services is such a wonderful program to be a part of. It really provides guidance for students who may have problems finding their way through college. I can say that I might not have made it to where I am today if I had never become a part of Student Support Services. Students who are willing to help themselves will also receive direction and encouragement from staff members just waiting to assist them. I will always remember Student Support Services. Thanks for the positive influence and support offered to me and to other students in the program.