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Admissions and Registration

Steps for Admission

1. Application

2. Financing your education

3. Transcripts / Academic Evaluation

4. Orientation and Registration

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Admissions Policies

HCC maintains an “open-door” policy. Students may be admitted if they meet one of the following criteria:

• Graduated with a standard diploma from a secondary school

• Earned a high school equivalency certificate or diploma through any state Department of Education or through the military

• Earned a Certificate of Completion, Eligible for College Placement Test (W8A) (graduating class of 2003 forward)

• Completed a home education program pursuant to the requirements of F.S. 1002.41

• Applied as a transfer student

• Applied as a transient student

In order to maintain the college ideals of scholarship and deportment, the right is reserved to deny admission

to applicants for any reason, deemed to be in the best interest of the college.


Admissions Requirements

Associate Degree, College Credit Certificate Programs, and Applied Technology Diploma

To be eligible for admission to an associate degree

program, college credit certificate, or applied technology

diploma (F.S. 1007.263), applicants must have one of the


• A standard high school diploma.

• Florida public high school graduates must have met Florida graduation requirements (F.S. 1003.43).

• A high school equivalency diploma, or

• Completion of a home education program pursuant to the requirements of F.S. 1002.41.

 Some PSAV programs are excluded from this requirement.

NOTE: If the applicant received a special high school diploma such as the Certificate of Completion (W08) or another special high school diploma and wishes to apply for admission as a regular student, a high school equivalency diploma must be earned by successfully completing the GED exam offered through the Florida Board of Education.

There may be additional requirements for limited access programs. Check the webpage at or in the associate degrees/ technical programs section of this catalog.

IMPORTANT: Students who hold education certificates from countries other than the United States should refer to the International Students section in this catalog.



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