AA Degree in Architecture


 Associate of Arts Degree - AA.ARC

The Associate of Arts Program in Architecture is designed for students who intend to become licensed Architects. The AA.ARC program’s technical course content matches the State of Florida’s requirements for the first two years of study in Architecture.

After completing the AA.ARC degree students must apply for admission to an upper division College or University. The upper division application process varies; please refer to the program’s academic advising guide for specific courses required at each institution.

Most include an evaluation of overall GPA, GPA in the ARC level courses and a review of the student’s work presented in a portfolio or in an actual pin-up process at the upper division institution.

AA • Architecture

AA.ARC (72 credit hours)

This pre-major is for students who want to pursue a four-year degree in architectural design, interior design and landscape architecture.

Careers include interior and building design, furniture and lighting design, urban planning, industrial design and sales as well as jobs in the environmental field and construction industry.   

NOTE 1: The list is a guideline. Consult an advisor or counselor for general education and recommended courses/electives  for this pre-major, or consult the appropriate advising guide on the HCC website (/ssem/advisingguides.aspx).   


NOTE 2: IDS 2891, Connections is required for graduation.   


YEAR I – First Semester   

ARC 1211 The Building Arts  - 3 cr.

ARC 1301 Architectural Design I  -  4 cr.

ARC 1701 Survey of Architectural History I  -  3 cr.

MAC 1105 College Algebra  -  3 cr.


YEAR I – Second Semester


ARC 1302 Architectural Design II  -  4 cr.

ARC 2461 Materials and Methods I  -  3 cr.

ENC 1101 English Composition I  -  3 cr.

*PHY 2053 General Physics I  -  3 cr.

*PHY 2053L General Physics I Laboratory  -  1 cr.   



YEAR I – Third Semester


ENC 1102 English Composition II  -  3 cr.

SPC 1608 Public Speaking  -  3 cr.

Behavioral/History/Political Science General Education  -  3 cr.



YEAR II – First Semester


ARC 2201 Theory of Architecture  -  3 cr.

ARC 2303 Architectural Design III  -  5 cr.

MAC 2233 Calculus for Business and Social Science  -  4 cr.

Humanities General Education  -  3 cr.   


YEAR II – Second Semester


ARC 2304 Architectural Design IV  -  5 cr.

ARC 2501 Architectural Structure I  -  4 cr.

Biological Science General Education  -  3-4 cr.



YEAR II – Third Semester


Behavioral Science General Education  -  3 cr.

History General Education  -  3 cr.

Humanities General Education  -  3 cr.


*May require additional coursework.   


NOTE 3: The associate in arts degree may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of 60 credit hours. Students are advised to  complete the above planned program in order to transfer into a similar program at senior institutions.   




Samples of Student Projects Created

in the AA.ARC Program




Freehand Sketch




Mass Model


Entry Portal



Prospective transfer students should also visit the FACTS 2+2 Degree Audit to help them decide which courses to take prior to transfer to an upper division College.

Florida community college students may use this tool to match their academic record to various transfer disciplines' requirements.


Time Factors

· Certificates require one year of study or less.

· AS degrees require two years of study.

· AA degrees required two years or more of study and two to three years at an upper division College or University.



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