AA Degree in Engineering


 Associate of Arts Degree - AA.ENG

The AA.ENG degree is focused upon preparing the student for articulation into an upper division Engineering program. A wide range of degree options exist within the many major Engineering disciplines, for example students can select Transportation, Structural, Bridge and Highway Design, Waste Water Management….all within the Civil Engineering discipline.

The programs course content reflects the detailed level of scientific and mathematical knowledge all Engineers are required to demonstrate in their first two years of study. Most students are surprised to discover than technical course related to their field of interest in Engineering are not taught until the third year. Transfer requirements vary between upper division Colleges.


AA.ENG Technical Course Content and Sequence

The recommended sequence of courses is listed below. The scheduling of classes allows a new student to enroll in either the Fall or Spring term and to complete their AA level degree within two years.

aa eng


Examples of Engineering You Might See

in the World of the AA.ENG Program













Prospective transfer students should also visit the FACTS 2+2 Degree Audit to help them decide which courses to take prior to transfer to an upper division College.

Florida community college students may use this tool to match their academic record to various transfer disciplines' requirements.



Time Factors

· Certificates require one year of study or less.

· AS degrees require two years of study.

· AA degrees required two years or more of study and two to three years at an upper division College or University.


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