AS Degree in Architectural Design

                 and Construction Technology


 Associate of Science Degree - AS.ADCT

The AS.ADCT degree is not specific to any one area of employment within the building design and construction industry. The programs technical course content meets the State of Florida’s criteria for becoming a licensed contractor at any one of three different levels.

Work experience at the license level sought is also required before a student can sit for the State Contractors licensing examination. Graduates have also been employed as CAD technicians in architectural and engineering firms, as material testing technicians, as team members in land surveying companies, or as inspectors for local, County and State government.


Courses in the three Certificate Programs apply to the AS.ADCT Degree. Students earn all three certificates with the complection of the  AS.ADCT Degree Program.

AS.ADCT Technical Course Content and Sequence

The recommended sequence of courses is listed below. The scheduling of classes allows a new student to enroll in either the Fall or Spring term and to complete their AS level degree within two years.

Year I – First Semester:   

BCN 1210 Construction Materials and Processes - 3 cr.

BCN 1250 Introduction to Graphic Technology - 3 cr.

BCN 2272 Blueprint Reading - 3 cr.

TAR 2053 Introduction to Computer Aided Design and Drafting - 3 cr.

Mathematics General Education - 3 cr.


Year I – Second Semester

ARC 2461 Materials and Methods I - 3 cr.

ENC 1101 English Composition I - 3 cr.

BCN 2291C Construction Materials Testing I - 3 cr.

TAR 1120 Architectural Drawing I - 3 cr.

TAR 2054 Intermediate Computer Aided Design and Drafting - 3 cr.


Year I - Third Semester

CGS 1107 Introduction to Computers - 1 cr.

SPC 1006 Speech Improvement - 1 cr.

Elective - 1 cr.

Natural Science General Education or

Social Science General Education or

Humanities General Education - 3 cr.

Social Science General Education - 3 cr.


Year II – First Semester:

SUR 2000C Surveying I - 3 cr.

BCT 2770C Construction Estimating - 3 cr.

TAR 1122C Architectural Drawing II - 3 cr.

TAR 2055 Advanced Computer Aided Design and Drafting - 3 cr.   


Year II – Second Semester:  

*ARC 2304 Architectural Design IV - 5 cr.

ARC 2501 Architectural Structures I - 4 cr.

BCN 2939C Construction Capstone - 3 cr.

Humanities General Education - 3 cr.


*May require additional coursework.                                                              66 Credit Hrs.


Samples of Student Projects Created

in the AS.ADCT Program



Framing Model


Designing with CAD


Beam Support Details


Bowspring Truss



“CADD Techs need to understand what they are drawing as well as the use of the software”





Time Factors

· Certificates require one year of study or less.

· AS degrees require two years of study.

· AA degrees required two years or more of study and two to three years at an upper division College or University.



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