Cisco Advanced Router Technology - Class 3

CET 2615 - 3cr.






This course is designed to prepare a student to apply and understand the advanced principles and applications of networking hardware. The course covers advanced router configurations; LAN switching; network management; and advanced network design. This is the third of a four-part series to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) examination.

The course content is on-line and accessible with any web browser.  Students are expected to prepare for each class by reading the assigned material from the web site; class time will mostly be spent in review, hands-on labs, and examinations.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of the following topics through objective tests, hands-on activities, and projects:

  • Describe LAN segmentation using bridges, routers, and switches
  • Name and describe two switching methods
  • Describe full- and half-duplex Ethernet operation
  • Describe network congestion problem in Ethernet networks
  • Describe the benefits of network segmentation with bridges
  • Describe the benefits of network segmentation with routers
  • Describe the benefits of network segmentation with switches
  • Describe the features and benefits of Fast Ethernet
  • Describe the guidelines and distance limitations of Fast Ethernet
  • Distinguish between cut-through and store-and-forward LAN switching
  • Describe the operation of the Spanning Tree Protocol and its benefits
  • Describe the benefits of virtual LANs

Prerequisite:     CET 1610 (Cisco Sem. II Cisco Router Technology)


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