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  1. A) The Student Computer Lab is available for use by any currently enrolled HCC student that is working on HCC class work, homework or an HCC assignment.

  2. A) The Student Computer Lab is located on the 4th floor of the Dale Mabry Campus Technology building in room DTEC 462.  The Technology Building is one of the largest buildings on the Dale Mabry campus and the only 4 story building.  

  3. A) Once a semester, any currently enrolled student that wants to use the Student Computer Lab just needs to stop at the Computer Science office in DTEC 416 and sign a computer lab policy statement (rules) for AS Division Dean Elizabeth Johnson. They will then be given a username and password that will be good for the rest of the semester.

  4. A) If you already have a username and password that lets you logon to the computer network in one of the Dale Mabry Computer Science classrooms, you will use that same username and password in the Student Computer Lab in DTEC 462.

  5. A) No, the HCC computer network username/password and the My HCC/Blackboard username and password are different.

  6. A) The Dale Mabry Computer Science Student Computer Lab has gone to a modified "pay for print" at this time, students can print up to 25 pages per day as long as the printing is related to HCC class work or assignments.

  7. A) At this time the college is giving you 25 print jobs per day, they do not roll over if you do not use them, at this time we can only allow 25 pages per day. If you need more than 25 pages, you might check Office Depot, Staples or Fedex Office (Kinkos), they can do both color and black and white printing and have many other services for binding your work so it looks it's best.

  8. A) No, we have no way to accept cash or credit cards for printing, the college is working on a "pay for print" system so one day you might be able to, until then, this can be done at Office Depot, Staples or Fedex Office.

  9. A) No, we do not have any color printers for student use in the Student Computer Lab, just black and white on plain white paper.

  10. A) No, the Dale Mabry Student Computer Lab can be used by any currently enrolled HCC student from any campus who is working on HCC assignments.

  11. A) The Student Computer Lab is open Monday to Thursday 8AM to 10PM, Friday 8AM to 4:30PM and Saturday from 8AM to 2:30PM. Printers are turned off 15 minutes before closing time. The lab is closed for all HCC holidays and between semesters.

  12. A) The Student Computer Lab is always staffed by techs that can assist you when you get stuck with most computer issues. The staff can not individually tutor you, but they will try to help you as much as they can, short of doing the work for you. The college does have a tutoring center that can help you with more complex class issues.

  13. A) In most cases the answer is no; when you buy the text book, the publisher is allowing you to install that software on your own computer and in most cases that right does not extend to a business or college. HCC has to buy and license the software that we install on the student computers. For that reason;  we can not install software that we do not own or that we have not paid a license fee to install on computers that will be used by lots of people who may not have bought the text book. The best thing is to ask one of the techs and if the software is required for class, ask the instructor if it is installed at HCC and what computer lab it is installed in. HCC has many different computer labs at each campus.

  14. A) The Dale Mabry campus Student Government has a computer lab in the student lounge right next to the Dale Mabry campus book store. The SGA lounge has a coffee shop, tables, chairs and about 20 desktop computers as well as wireless access. The SGA offices are located in the same area and this area tends to be a central hub for lots of student activities on the Dale Mabry campus.




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