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Student Lab Rules 


NOTE: Students accessing pornographic sites will immediately lose all computer lab privileges.

The primary purpose of the Computer Science Student Lab is to provide HCC students a place to complete their HCC school work and HCC related assignments.

A Proof of Registration Receipt is required to establish an account for computer access for the semester 

Students who are observed ...

  • working on personal tasks, including chatting on, surfing the Internet or playing computer games
  • accessing network drives or the "C:" Drive, without permission,
  • sharing their I.D./password with others,
  • logging on to more than one (1) computer at a time,
  • causing distractions or disruptions,
  • or using profanity


...will be asked to leave the Lab and can lose their Lab privileges!!!

Printing is limited to 25 pages per day per student!

  • Students wanting to use the Computer Science Lab must be registered for the term in progress at HCC. A User name is assigned only to those who present a current proof of registration receipt.
  • Each computer has anti-virus software to scan/clean (for viruses) see a tech if you need help.
  • Personal software cannot be used/installed in the Lab.
  • When typing Gordon Rule papers and other assignments, students are expected to know how to use the software.
  • Lab Technicians are available to assist students, but not to do their assignments for them or teach the software.
  • Minors are not permitted in the lab.
  • Food and/or beverages are not permitted (or stored) in the Lab or in any adjoining classrooms in which electronic equipment is available.
  • Telephones located in the Lab are not available for student use.
  • Cell phone calls are to be taken outside of the lab area.
  • NO loud conversations; conversations kept to a minimum.
  • Students are not to leave papers and other trash items on the floors or table tops.
  • Lab equipment and materials must remain in the Lab.
  • Lab equipment is NOT to be disconnected or unplugged for ANY reason without a Tech assisting.

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