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Students can print 25 pages per day of HCC class work, homework or assignments.


      The Dale Mabry Computer Science Student Computer Lab has gone to a modified "pay for print" plan at this time, students can print up to 25 pages per day as long as the printing is related to HCC class work, homework or assignments. The Student Computer Lab has a black and white printer and prints on plain white paper. Students can not load any other paper, card stock or transparencies. 

     All students need to do is log on to the computer with their NetID , send the print job to the printer and then log on to ANY "Pay for Print" printer at the key pad next to it and print their work. Print jobs should be saved in the print que for 24 hours.

     We do not have a color printer for student use!

     At this time the college is allowing you a $2.50 credit per day for 25 prints, it does not roll over so you use it each day and start back at $2.50 the next day. If you need more than 25 pages, you might check Office Depot, Staples or Fedex Office (Kinkos), they can do both color and black and white printing and have many other services for binding your work so it looks it's best. The college has not worked out the system for you to add money to your account for more print jobs at this time.

     We also have no ability to let you pay for more pages, again this is something you can do at Office Depot, Staples or Fedex Office. We also can not load "your" paper; all print jobs are printed on a standard white paper. The total cost of printing is a lot more then just the cost of paper.



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