Graduation and Dietetic Technician Program

Completion Information 

Graduation, Exit Packet, and Verification Statements:

Within the last two weeks of program completion, the program director and practicum coordinator will provide you with some forms that are to be completed and returned to the program director so they can complete the eligibility application process for submission to CDR (Commission on Dietetics Registration).

The program director will provide each student with the Student Exit Packet which has instructions on the examination application process. Upon completion and verification of all program/degree requirements, the program director will submit the graduate’s data electronically to the CDR. About 2-3 weeks after the graduate data is sent to CDR, the graduate should receive information from CDR on how to make an appointment to take the national DTR exam. In addition, students will be provided 3 original Verification Statements for their records to provide, upon request, to prospective employers, the licensure board and to the AND for membership if asked.


More information about the Commission on Dietetics Registration can be found here

Resources for studying for the DTR exam

Visual Veggies

DTR study buddy review manual


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