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Hospitality/Tourism Degree




 AS.HFT.RESH (64 Credit Hours)
Semester Course ID Course Name Credits
FALL I   Select 3 Hours (General Education Math) 3
  FSS-1223C Food Preparation for Managers 4
  HFT-1000 Introduction to Hospitality 3
  ENC-1101 English Composition I 3
SPRING I  HFT-1410 Front Desk Procedures 3
  SYG-2000 Introduction to Sociology 3
  FSS-2120 Food Purchasing/Storage 3
  HFT-2530 Merchandising/Advertising 3
SUMMER I FSS-2100 Food Plans and Menu Preparation 3
  ECO-2023 Principles of Microeconomics 3
  ENC-1102 English Composition II 3
FALL II  HFT-2750 Convention Management 3
  ACG-2021 Financial Accounting 3
  HFT-2210 Supervisory Development 3
  HFT-2600 Hospitality Law 3
SPRING II HFT-2941 Hospitality Internship 3
  FSS-1500 Food and Beverage Control 3
  HFT-1790 The Event Industry 3
  HFT-2840 Maitre D’ and Dining Room 3
SUMMER II PSY-2012 General Psychology 3
    Select 3 hours from General Education (Humanities list)  3


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