Culinary, Restaurant and Hospitality

Department Mission


     The mission of the Culinary Management, Restaurant Management and Hospitality & Tourism Management degree programs is to prepare students for employment in commercial and institutional management positions in the culinary and or hospitality industry.




Culinary, Restaurant and Hospitality

 Department Goals



  1. Provide the knowledge, skills and abilities of the professional fields of culinary management and hospitality management as well as instructional excellence to students of HCC through the offerings of classes, events, and activities (College Goal # 1)
  2. Meet the professional development needs of the culinary department faculty and staff (College Goal # 5).
  3. Purchase replacement equipment to support the culinary lab expectations and ACF programmatic accreditation site requirements (College Goal #4)
  4. Develop alternate instructional methods for HFT courses (e.g., hybrid, online, 8-week classes) to meet the needs of the student population (College Goal # 3)
  5. Revise the AS/AAS degree programs to comply with current state frameworks and industry standards (College Goal # 6)
  6. Research renovation options in the Culinary Dining Room and the Student Kitchen to enhance and improve services (College Goal # 1)
  7. Develop internship agreements with industry partners in the community (College Goal # 2)



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