Independent Electrical

Contractors Apprenticeship

Training Program


     Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a National Trade Association with thousands of members Nationwide and provides Electrical Apprenticeships at several locations throughout the state of Florida. At HCC, the program offers training for all Electric fields through a combination of classroom instruction (which includes theory, code, and controlled practical laboratory applications), coupled concurrently with On-the-Job Training. The IEC/HCC partnership offers Federal and State Certified, Veterans Administration approved Apprenticeship in the fields of Residential Wireman, Commercial/Industrial Electrician and Voice-Data-Video Telecommunications.

     IEC offers career-specific training for two types of Electricians as well as Voice-Data-Video Technicians. Those completing either Commercial/Industrial Electrician or Residential Electrician Program will be licensed Journeyman Electricians. Those completing the Voice-Data-Video Apprenticeship will be Trade Certified Technicians or RCDD.

     To be eligible for application consideration into the IEC Apprenticeship Training Program, prospective students must be at least 18 years of age, have graduated from high school or have successfully completed the GED, be physically capable of performing the work of the trade, and possess a minimum of 10th grade level math skills.

     IEC will refer potential apprentices to a participating employer for on-the-job training.

     To be eligible for consideration into the IEC Apprenticeship Training Program, prospective students should contact IEC at (727) 499-0727.

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Independent Electrical Contractors Apprenticeship Program
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