Meets every 1st Friday, 9:30-1100AM

Chair:  Grace Glenn

The Dale Mabry Campus Advisory Council is your forum for the discussion of needs, concerns, and suggestions pertaining to the non-academic issues on the Dale Mabry Campus. We discuss items such as maintenance, housekeeping, building and grounds upkeep, campus events, ideas for new or improved services, and much, much more.

All HCC campuses have their own CAC, and they all report once a month to the Institutional Advisory Committee so that we can share information and keep communication lines open. HCC's president, Dr. Ken Atwater or one of his representatives is always in attendance. The CACs and IAC are important communication venues for the HCC college community.

CAC members are student, staff, and faculty volunteers, and we meet once a month. Dr. Robert Chunn, our campus president, is a regular attendee and gives us updates on campus developments and other items he wishes to bring to our attention. He welcomes all comments and ideas that can improve the quality of life within our campus community, and the best way to be heard is to contact CAC.

All suggestions or concerns can be sent to the CAC chairperson or to any of those listed as CAC liaisons throughout the campus for inclusion in the meeting agenda. Every building should have at least one liaison for you to contact.

Everyone is welcome to attend CAC meetings and you can bring your issue(s) for discussion in person.