More About ETIDS  

In terms of instructional technology, faculty development, and course redesigns/pilots, the Title III (HSI) STEM grant personnel consists of one Instructional Design Specialist and one Technology Specialist.

The duties and responsibilities of each of these two positions are stated in Quality of Project Personnel section of the approved proposal, and are as follows:   The Instructional Design Specialist “will be hired to develop and deliver faculty training in techniques and technologies effective with diverse learners, assist STEM faculty in revising target courses in math, life sciences, chemistry, and physics to incorporate techniques and technologies effective with diverse learners, assist faculty in revising existing or converting new distance STEM courses, support pilots and evaluations of revised and new courses, and work with the STEM Success Specialist to coordinate revised and new course instructional strategies with STEM Success Center services.” The Technology Specialist “will be hired to work with project staff and STEM faculty to acquire and oversee installation of instructional technology and lab instrumentation, lead faculty/staff training in its use, and provide technical and trouble-shooting support through each pilot.”

Due to the high amount of overlap between the two positions, both in qualifications and responsibilities, the positions will work as a team; a single unit capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of the other.  Therefore, even though the grant proposal indicates clear-cut distinctions between these two positions, this team approach will better allow up to meet the needs of the faculty participants, as well as, the goals and objectives of the project. 

ETIDS (Educational Technology and Instructional Design Services) envelops all the responsibilities of the current personnel into one subdivision with a common goal to provide educational ideas and technological support to STEM faculty with the intent of providing our students with the best possible educational experience.