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Peer led Supplemental Instruction (SI) study sessions will also be offered to students in STEM courses beginning spring 2013.  Supplemental Instruction as a best practice engages students in active learning. SI sessions are conducted by Supplemental Instruction Leaders who facilitate group study sessions in Collaborate (online resource tool available in Blackboard for STEM related courses only). 

SI’s are HCC students that are selected by a faculty member, earned an A in the course area and demonstrate competence and model student behavior in academic subject or skill area. SI’s are trained. Supplemental Instruction focuses on creating a consistent study schedule throughout the term. Study sessions focus on current course material covered within the week and use of active learning and study skill strategies to master course content. Students who participate in study session earn ½ letter grade or higher in the course and do not require remedial assistance based on the University of Missouri-Kansas City SI model.  Supplemental Instruction allows a student to identify the following: learning styles, academic goals for the course, and strengths/areas of improvement as a student.  SI wants to encourage students to use study sessions throughout the term to enhance their academic achievement. 

Our focus is active learning and improving student understanding and application of concepts and methods as they pertain to a particular subject area or academic skill.  Our mission is to help students achieve a successful college experience.  SI assists students in becoming independent learners who actively participate in their college career.  SI provides the necessary resources and academic services to students that will enhance their academic achievement.