Shannon M. Grinstead

SI Success Specialist



 Josh Klay



Josh Klay

SI Leader/ Mentor (Math)

Major: Mathematics

Dream School: Florida State University

Fun Fact: Played Tennis for 15 years


 Luis Leon



Luis Leon

SI Leader (Math & Science)

Major: Veterinary Science

Dream School: Cornell or University of California, Davis

Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, and Longboarding.

Fun Fact: Favorite dessert is Pecan Pie


 Ahsha Young  


Ahsha Young

SI Leader (Biology)

Major: Psychology, Nursing

Dream School: Barry University

Hobbies: Writing

Fun Fact: Huge fan of South Korean music, movies and television!


 Bradlee McCoy  


Bradlee McCoy

SI Leader (Biology)

Major: Biochemistry

Dream School: University of South Florida

Hobbies: Bike riding and skating

Fun Fact: Sang with the Chinese National Orchestra on the Great Wall of China


 Claudia GL  

Claudia Garcia-Lorenzo

SI Leader  (Math)

Major: Bio-Medical Sciences

Dream School: University of Florida

Hobbies: Ice Skating





Audrey Blanco

SI Leader (Math)

Major: Physical Therapy

Dream School: University of South Florida

Hobbies: Music, Drawing and Soccer

Fun Fact: Rock Collector