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            CAMPUS TEAMS
    September 14-18, 2009
Brandon Campus - Carlos Soto, Campus President
Richard Zaborosky, Facilities Manager
Sabrina Peacock Dean Business & Technology
Joseph Bentrovato, Dean Student Services
Kellie Geary, Assistant Dean, Student Services
Jim Wysong, Program Manager, Sciences
Jane  Golden, Program Manager, Math
Dale Mabry Campus - Robert “Bob” Chunn, Campus President
Michael Calderon, _ Facilities Manager 
Beth Johnson, Dean
Rise Sandrowitz Program Manager Nursing
Maribel Garrett, Asst. Dean AR&R
Brent Ellis, Asst. to Dean Library/LRC
Tracy Barnes, Tenured Electronics Instructor
Plant City Campus - Felix Haynes, Campus President
Richard Weigand, _ Facilities Manager 
Bonnie Finsley Satterfield, Dean
Pat Mills, Dean

Peggy Leffler, Executive Assistant


SouthShore Campus - Allen Witt, Campus President
Richard Chorzelewski, Facilities Manager
Dr. Craig Hardesty, Dean
Marletta Dean, Chair of CAC & Advising Generalist
Thea Nicolades, Program Manager & Faculty
Ailbe Astor, Admissions and Records Supervisor
Michael Johnson, Learning Resources Coordinator
Ybor Campus - Shawn Robinson, Campus President
Ralph Waithe, Facilities Manager 
Judy Nolasco, Faculty
Jack Evans, Dean
Carlton Williams, Evening Manager
District Offices – Barbara Larson, Vice President of Administration/CFO
David Cabeceiras, Director, Facilities Planning & Construction
Steve Shields, Director, Risk Management
James Connolly, Facilities Manager