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Education Programs

A description of student admission criteria for general academic programs, vocational programs and/or other programs.      

Overall college admissions policies and criteria can be found by clicking here. [Pages 2-3]           

General Policy for Career and Technical Programs        

Restricted Access Programs        

  • Admission Criteria:  Restricted Access Programs – “Operations Manual”               
  • An Introduction to the Admissions Process for Health Science Programs may be reviewed by clicking here. 

A description of any special procedures governing admission or placement of students with disabilities, or LEP students. 

The procedure for granting reasonable substitutions for admission and graduation requirements for disabled students may be reviewed by clicking here

Rules governing use of guide dogs, tape recorders, note takers.   

The rule governing use of auxiliary aids such as guide dogs, tape recorders and note takers may be reviewed by clicking here. document] 

Policy and procedures for providing reasonable substitution for eligible students whose hearing impairment, visual impairment, visual impairment or learning disabilities can reasonably be expected to prevent the individual from meeting requirements for admission to the institutions, admission to the program of study, entry to upper division or graduation. 

  • The Administrative rule for providing reasonable substitution for eligible students may be reviewed by clicking here.  
  • The Administrative procedure for providing reasonable substitution for eligible students may be reviewed here.   

A description and samples of brochures of student recruitment and promotional efforts for vocational and athletic programs. 

Below, please find samples of recruitment materials and efforts that are held throughout the college.  HCC has not developed any brochures specifically for its athletics programs.  However, HCC has developed a career manual for its vocational programs. 

The “Career Pathways 2.1” catalog provides for students an overview of all of the vocational programs available at Hillsborough Community College.  Furthermore, the catalog explains how students can build their careers from college credit certificate to additional credentials such as the AS or AAS degrees.  The “Career Pathways 2.1” catalog may be reviewed here     

Student complaint records. 

Hillsborough Community College documents complaints and every six months a report of these complaints is developed.  The Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management reviews this document to determine if there are any systemic complaints applicable to students or programs.  These complaint reports may be reviewed below: 

Course catalog and course schedule. 

  • HCC’s online catalog can be found by clicking here. 
  • HCC’s online course schedule, entitled “HawkNet Search for Classes” can be found by clicking here. 

Student handbooks. 

HCC’s Student Handbook and Academic Planner.      

Student admissions packet.      

HCC’s Admissions/Enrollment Packet.

Student code of conduct. 

The Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.

Promotional flyers, posters and multimedia presentations.  

Student admissions brochures/letters printed in languages other than English.  

Bilingual “Applying for Admission” brochure.  

Copies of policies and procedures for providing aids and services for students with disabilities. 

  • The Administrative Rule for providing reasonable substitution for eligible students please click here. (#2) 
  • The Administrative Procedure for providing reasonable substitution for eligible students can be found here.       

Provide a list of modifications of equipment or furniture, modification of testing procedures and provision of auxiliary aids; if any requests for aids and services were denied, include the reasons for denial; also include a list of any substitutions provided.      

Please note the following procedures govern HCC’s modifications to address the needs of students with disabilities.  

A description of the criteria utilized in granting financial assistance in vocational programs for each type of student financial aid assistance available.  

Financial aid generally is based on financial need but also is awarded to students who enroll in specific academic programs and who exhibit special qualities, talents, and achievements.  HCC’s financial aid program includes federal and state grants, state scholarships, loans, work/study programs, and institutional scholarships. 

The following HCC vocational programs are eligible for financial aid: 

  • All AS and AAS Programs
  • The following College Credit Certificate programs: 
    • Computer Programming                       
    • Information Technology Management                       
    • Internet Services Technology E-Commerce Support                       
    • Internet Services Technology Web Designer                       
    • Internet Services Technology Web Developer                       
    • Library Technical Assistant                       
    • Radiation Therapy specialist                       
    • Drafting                       
    • Medical Office Administration:  Medical Rec. Transcription Option 6                       
    • Medical Office Management Option 4                       
    • Office Administration Specialist:  Medical Info. Coder/Biller:   Track 1 Medical Coder                       
    • Office Management Option 3 Track 1                       
    • Office Management Human Resource Management Option 3 Track 4                       
    • Office Management Records Management Option 3 Track 3                       
    • Office Management Software Application Option 3 Track 2
  • The following PSAV programs:                                               
    • Advanced Water Treatment                       
    • Law Enforcement                       
    • Auto/Collision Repair and Refinishing                       
    • Dental Assistant                 

Following are samples of financial aid brochures and flyers which are available to students. 

Demographics of student loans and of scholarships.      

To review the data of demographics of student loans and scholarships, please see:     

Information provided to students related to housing if offered.      

Information related to housing is provided to students in the HCC Catalog and Student Handbook and Academic Planner. 

  • HCC housing information is in HCC’s 2008-2009 online catalog.  Housing information is located on page 77:
  • HCC’s 2009-2010 Student Handbook and Academic Planner is available here.  Housing information is located on page 170.                   
  • Additional housing information is available to students on the HCC website.

Information provided to students related to health services. 

HCC does not provide health services for its students. 

The enrollment in each vocational program by race, gender, LEP, and disability. 

Copies of all written agreements between the college and employers of your students.                            [

Descriptions of how student referrals and assignments are made, and descriptions of procedures for processing written and unwritten requests from employers who wish to employ students. 

Students may obtain employment or a paid internship position in one of two ways including: 1) making application through one of the campus-based Career Centers, or 2) receiving an assignment from the Program Manager of their academic program.  In the last instance, these assignments are generally related to the fulfillment of degree requirements.  The processes associated with both types of employment are outlined below. 

Career Centers at HCC 

Employers seeking to employ HCC students are required to register with one of the campus-based Career Centers.  The registration process includes the following two steps:  1) The submission of all employment notices and company background information for review by the Career Center staff.  2) The creation of an employer profile on the College’s free on-line job board, College Central Network. Once an employer has been approved, the CRC will also forward the employment notices to the appropriate academic Program Managers so that they may post the information for their students. 

The College Central Network link is on our CRC website and is a free service that is provided to our students. The link can be found by clicking here.  

In addition to the process noted above, the College also has specific guidelines that govern all (paid and non-paid) student internships.  A sample of HCC’s Internship Agreement document can be viewed at this location.

Employment Assignments via Academic Programs 

A limited number of career and technical programs assign students to paid employment positions.  In these instances, the guidelines that are used comply with the requirements of an external agency or organization. 

Early Childhood Education

Prospective employers must contact the program manager to receive permission to post any employment announcements on campus. At that time, students within the program are given information on how to access the prospective employer’s child care inspection report.  This is critical as the college only wants to place students in Centers that are licensed and in compliance with all regulatory guidelines.    

Also, students within the Associate in Science program in Early Childhood Management are required to complete two practicum courses which require documentation of 240 hours within a licensed childcare program. To participate in a practicum course, and in complying with county licensing guidelines, students must complete a criminal background check and sign an Affidavit of Good Moral Character at the beginning of the semester. Results of the criminal background verification must be obtained prior to beginning practicum hours.  

Automotive Collision Students in the last 6 months of our 18-month auto collision program serve in a paid internship position within the local industry. Often times the student has been attending classes while also working part-time at a local dealership, and thus, it is beneficial for him/her to complete the paid internship requirement at a familiar facility. If the student is not already employed at a dealership or other organization, the Program Manager will interview potential employers to determine their suitability for hosting and training HCC students. 

Copies of criteria for admission to each apprenticeship training program and copies of agreements with sponsors of apprenticeship programs. 

Number of athletes by race and gender for each sport program. 

To review the number of athletes by race and gender for each sport program, please see: 

Copies of athletic program practice and event schedules.        

To review HCC’s athletic program practice and event schedules, please see:        

List of fulltime, part-time and volunteer coaching staff by race and by gender for each sport. 

To review HCC’s fulltime, part-time and volunteer coaching staff by race and by gender, please see: