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Counseling Issues Issues relating to counseling and prevocational programs may include steering of students toward particular courses or programs that are “traditional” for the student’s race, color, national origin, English language proficiency, gender, or disability status. Services and materials related to counseling and recruitment must be free of discrimination and stereotyping in language, content, and illustration. Interviews with counselors, teachers, or courses /programs with disproportionate enrollment and students in “nontraditional” courses /programs may clarify compliance.
List programs or classes with disproportionate enrollment:
Program Underrepresented Group
Recipients must ensure that their counseling materials and activities (including student program selection and career/employment selection), promotional, and recruitment efforts do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability. Title IX: 34 CFR 106.21 (a)(b)Title IX: 34 CFR 106.36 (a)Title IX: 34 CFR 106.34Section 504: 34 CFR 104.4 (a), and 104.34 (a) and (c)Section 504: 34 CFR 104.47 (b)Title II: 28 CFR 35.130Guidelines V-A The written guidance plan, policy, and procedures ensure nondiscrimination. The written assessment plan ensures nondiscrimination. Guidance plan, policy, and procedure      Compliance Noncompliance Undetermined   N/A
Assessment plan with a list of tests administered    
Written procedures for evaluation and placement of disabled students    
Promotional and recruitment materials    
Enrollment demographics    
Recruitment, admission policies    
LEP policy    
Calendar of counseling and pre-vocational activities    

HCC’s initial advisement for students is provided during new student orientation.  The HCC website provides information to new and returning students with disabilities concerning policies and procedures for placement and guidance.  Accommodations are made for students who need them as described in the Students with Disabilities brochure.  Furthermore, advising guides are used to assist all students.  Students can self-advise or meet with an advisor.  If visually impaired, advisors will assist students in the selection of course work and apprise them of information available on the HCC website and in hard copy. 


Services for Students with Disabilities Web Page

Advising Guides 

Student Data Base AA-1A Verification Report 07-08

Student Data Base AA-1A Verification Report 08-09  

Counselors must not direct students into programs based on their race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.  Recipients must ensure that counselors do not direct or urge any student to enroll in a particular career or program, or measure or predict a student’s prospects for success in any career or program, based upon the student’s race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.Title IX: 34 CFR 106.34Section 504: 34 CFR 104.47(b)Guidelines V-B Vocational program enrollments by gender, race, national origin, and disability are proportionate to enrollment of these groups in the general student population. Where enrollments are not proportionate, the institution can furnish a legitimate, nondiscriminatory rationale. Admission criteria      Compliance Noncompliance Undetermined N/A
Enrollment forms    
Enrollment demographics by class/program    

Neither HCC’s Counselors nor Student Services Generalists direct students into programs based on their race, color, national origin, gender or disability.  Admission criteria are the same for all students.   


Admissions criteria:

College Catalog – Admissions Section 

Enrollment demographics by program reports:

Student Data Base AA1A Report 07-08  

Student Data Base AA1A Report 08-09

Recipients may not counsel disabled students toward more restrictive career objectives than non-disabled students with similar abilities and interests.Section 504: 34 CFR 104.37(b)Guidelines V-B  Disabled students have equal access to all programs and classes based on abilities and interests. Examples of pre-enrollment counseling      Compliance Noncompliance Undetermined N/A
Enrollment data    

HCC requires all new degree seeking students to attend new student orientation.  The orientation is completed just before students register (enroll) in courses. Disabled students have equal access to all programs and courses based on abilities and interests.  The information is described in the “Steps to Enroll” on the college website. 


Enroll in 4 Easy Steps Web Page 

Enrollment data of students with disabilities by program: 

Disability Data 2007-2008

Disability Data 2008-2009 

If disproportionate enrollments occur, efforts must be made to ensure that counseling services and materials are not responsible.  Recipients must take steps to ensure that any disproportionate enrollment does not result from unlawful discrimination in counseling activities.Title IX: 34 CFR 106.36 Guidelines V-B Recipient has process in place to identify disproportionate enrollment.  When disproportionate enrollment occurs, recipient assesses counseling materials and activities and makes appropriate revisions or can articulate a legitimate, nondiscriminatory rationale. Examples of pre-enrollment counseling      Compliance Noncompliance Undetermined N/A
Enrollment data    
Examples of revised counseling materials or   activities in response to disproportionate enrollments    

A review of the HCC equity report indicates that there are no disproportional enrollments.   The regularly used counseling materials involve academic advising guides, the State’s FACTs.org, and HCC’s electronic degree audit.  Except for the State’s FACTs.org all materials are solely text and include no demographic descriptors with reference to majors or programs.  The college catalog is used to assist students with identifying academic programs.  Pictures display diversity without specifics to particular majors or vocational/academic programs. 


HCC Community College Educational Equity Act Plan 2008 - 2009

College Catalog