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SouthShore Mathematics Faculty

We pride ourselves in an excellent, student-centered faculty at SouthShore. Here are the friendly faces you will see in your math classes on our campus!

 Dr. Craig Hardesty  Hardesty  webpage
 Diego Grilli  Grilli  e-mail
 Wendy Pogoda  Pogoda  e-mail
 Katherine Brown (adjunct)  Kate Brown  e-mail
 Matthew Williamson (adjunct)  Williamson  e-mail
Narine Sargsyan (adjunct)  PHOTO COMING.....  e-mail
 Karen Carter (adjunct)  Carter  e-mail
 Thomas Carty (adjunct)  Carty  e-mail
Michael Desimone (adjunct)  Desimone  e-mail
 Bernadette Corey (adjunct)  PHOTO COMING...  e-mail
 Joanne Cosgrove-Whitley (adjunct)  Cosgrove  e-mail
 Melissa Gonzalez-Lam (adjunct)  Gonzalez  e-mail
Melissa Mugharbel (adjunct)  Mugharbel  e-mail
 Davidson Pierre (adjunct)  Pierre  e-mail
 Mattison Pope (adjunct)  Pope  e-mail
 Daniel Pineda (adjunct)  Pineda  e-mail
 Sheila Scott (adjunct)  Scott  e-mail
 Don Woertler (adjunct)  Woertler  e-mail
Latrice Ham  PHOTO COMING....  e-mail
 Charles Gausche  Gaushe  e-mail

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