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Aquaculture 1012C 

Welcome the New Aquaculture Course Page!

FAS 1012C is designed to provide

Here you will find the most up to date information concerning the aquaculture course at Hillsborough Community College.


fish photo     During the first lectures we'll begin to introduce you to the world of aquaculture.  We'll discuss the importance of raising fish in their unique and special environment and provide an in depth study of how it all relates to environmental friendly practices and stustainability.  If this is your first time on the site, please feel free to look around.  You may find it interesting.  Thank you for using our resource.

Lecture 1:  Introduction 


Lecture 2: US Aquaculture History

Lecture 3: Florida Aquaculture History

Lecture 4: Aquaculture Regulations/Government

Lecture 5: Water Quality

Lecture 6: Carp

Lecture 7: Tilapia

Lecture 8: Channel Catfish

Lecture 9: Hybrid Striped Bass

Lecture 10: Oysters and Clams

Lecture 11: Crayfish

Lecture 11A: Shrimp and Prawn

Lecture 12: Ornamental Fish

Lecture 13: Trout Salmon Char

Lecture 14: Alligators

Lecture 15: Sturgeon

Lecture 16: Oysters/Clams

Lecture 17: Frogs

Lecture 18: Coral  (coming soon)

Lecture 19: Marine Plants/Seaweed

Lecture 20: Ponds

Lecture 21: Tanks

Lecture 22: Raceways

Lecture 23: Recirculation Systems

Lecture 24: Ocean Ranching

Lecture 25: Fish Nutrition Basics

Lecture 26: Natural vs. Prepared Feeds

Lecture 27:  Spawning/Breeding

Lecture 28: Hormones

Lecture 29: Fish Disease

Lecture 30: Fish Transport

Lecture 31: Fish Harvesting/ Processing (coming soon) 

Lecture 32: Marketing/Sales (coming soon)

Lecture 33: Genetics